Fauci has earned his spurs

Critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci have been asking a legitimate question about his credentials, which is: What makes his opinions matter so much over those of other infectious disease experts?

I’ll give you my take on that.

It is because Fauci, who serves as President Biden’s chief medical adviser involving the coronavirus pandemic, has survived through multiple presidential administrations — of both parties and all sorts of differing political ideologies.

Starting with the Reagan administration, then through the Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama, Trump and Biden administrations, Anthony Fauci has been a constant presence.

He has given sound advice to all those men. He has earned the respect of most of them (Donald Trump’s petulant response to some of the good doctor’s pronouncements notwithstanding). Trump’s political allies remain in Congress, and they have taken up the anti-Fauci cudgel on behalf of the ex-POTUS.

I am going to stand with the Ivy League-educated physician and researcher, though, as he seeks to explain the consequences of the pandemic and the assorted variants it has spawned.

What’s more, I applaud him for fighting back fiercely against what I believe are scurrilous and slanderous attacks on his character.