‘Civility is gone’?

It took Joe Manchin a long time to state the obvious.

The West Virginia Democratic U.S. senator declared that “Civility is gone” after Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer criticized Senate Republicans over their obstruction of plans to increase the debt ceiling.

Spoiler alert, Sen. Manchin: Civility has been MIA for a long time on Capitol Hill.

‘Civility is gone’: Manchin slams Schumer broadside against GOP (msn.com)

A single tirade by Schumer doesn’t signal anything new regarding the state of play between the governing parties.

Manchin reportedly buried his face in his hands and then walked off the Senate floor on Thursday after Schumer unloaded on GOP caucus members.

Look, I wish we could rediscover civil discourse as much as the next guy. Yes, even as much as Sen. Manchin. However, the major culprit in killing political civility — to my way of thinking — happens to be the Republicans who have sought to obstruct rather than govern.


2 thoughts on “‘Civility is gone’?”

  1. Of course that’s the way you see it. Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Nadler, “the squad” are all angels. They have each at one time told people to confront their representatives in public and do whatever they need to get their message across. The each advertised for violence in the streets during riots calling them “protests”. Yep, it’s Al Republicans fault!

  2. Biden is a hollow shell easily manipulated by the far left anti Americans. The Chinese have already taken over Bagram and it’s well endowed runways. Giving away prime real estate. Tragic. China smells the senility and weakness in our white house. The Pacific is in a panic. Jen Psaki has to spin every word. There is nothing positive to speak on. Ridiculous policies have led to amusing unemployment numbers. People are giving up. Pay them peanuts to become lethargic and dependant. 60 percent of new hospitalizations are vaccinated. My daughter and her posse are all in the medical field. None of them have taken the Fauchi Ouchi vaccine. Not one. They are all 35 or younger and a large percentage have had the”rona”. Me too, it was unpleasant. Natural antibodies. I am 65.
    Threatening jobs over vaccines, creating massive inflation, importing oil again instead of exporting it. And making natural gas the enemy to please Bernie and his misguided cronies. Natural gas is cheap, plentiful and has a miniscule carbon footprint. Energy prices are going to skyrocket this winter over these rediculious policies.
    And explain the boarder. How large does the welfare state have to be before it becomes unsustainable. Pack dangerous dependant ILLEAGLE immigrants in regions to win elections. You see it. We all see it. Is this Marxism? Asking for a friend

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