Phrases that drive you nuts


I belong to a social media group that comprises alumni from my high school in Portland, Ore.

Someone in that group posted the picture you see with this brief post. I responded with “at the end of the day.” The question posed has sparked a lively talk among fellow graduates of Parkrose High School.

I feel a need to explain why “at the end of the day” is No. 1 on my list of annoying phrases.

It is, to put it simply, a setup for what comes next from the person who says it. The phrase seems to come most often from politician who are in the middle of some monologue about a policy matter. They will tell you, “At the end of the day” and then mutter a phrase that — in their vacuous mind — is the most profound statement ever uttered.

It usually is just another platitude.

I suppose I could offer all the other annoying phrases with which I am familiar. I’ll spare you all of that.

Just know that if you tell me something that follows “at the end of the day,” I am likely to scream.

I’m out.

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