Didn’t miss this spot on the ballot

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

My wife and I did our patriotic duty earlier this week and voted in the Texas general election.

Do you know what I did not miss? I did not miss the spot on the ballot that would have allowed me to vote for all candidates of just one party.

The Texas Legislature was bitten by the Bug of Wisdom when it eliminated the straight-ticket spot on our ballots. I normally am critical of the Legislature for this and/or that issue, but they got this one right.

This year I was forced to go down the ballot race by race, name by name. I’ve never voted straight-party in all my years living in Texas. I wouldn’t have punched that spot on the ballot this year were I given the chance.

I did leave a few ballot spots blank. I did, though, walk through each race and I looked carefully at several of the races before making my selection.

That’s the way all of us should vote. I long have detested straight-ticket voting and I have argued for years that it should be eliminated from the ballot in Texas.

I’m glad the Legislature finally listened to me. Therefore, I will take all the credit I deserve.

You’re welcome.

Straight-party voting needs to go