Filner recall effort is worth it

As a rule, I tend to detest recall elections. They often are sought for frivolous reasons. I figure you should save a recall effort for the times it really matters.

The case of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is one of those times.

My wish would be for Filner to quit, skulk back into private life and save the taxpayers the money it’s going to cost them to throw him out of office. That might not happen.

Filner — who stands accused by more than a dozen women of some pretty disgusting behavior — has vowed to stay on the job. He went into a two-week rehab period and came out, expecting the public to believe that two weeks is enough to persuade him that boorish and sickening behavior is bad.

Meanwhile, the recall effort has kicked off and signature-gatherers are out in force collecting enough names to put the recall election on the ballot.

I’m betting they’ll have no trouble crossing the threshold.

It really shouldn’t matter to anyone outside of that lovely city what happens to its mayor. I’m hoping, though, that Filner’s conduct will make an example of him and other politicians who might think they can get away with treating public employees in the manner that Filner has done — and which he has acknowledged doing.

If His Dishonor is going to hang on, then I wish nothing but the greatest success for those who want him gone.

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