What would you do about a bear cub?

I am on Corey Hancock’s side.

Hancock lives in Salem, Ore., and he likely is in trouble for “rescuing” a tiny bear cub. Wildlife experts are all over Hancock for violating one of the rule of nature, which is that you shouldn’t interfere with Mother Nature’s way of ensuring the “survival of the fittest.”

State and federal wildlife officials are pondering whether to fine Hancock for doing what came, uh, natural to him.

Hancock was hiking along the Santiam River when he spotted the cub. He picked it up, took it home and is nursing it back to good health … or so he hopes.

I understand intellectually the hazards of doing what Hancock did. I cannot get past the question: What would I do if I were in that position? For that matter, what would most folks do?

I get angry just watching wildlife shows on TV where camera crews witness nature’s cruelty. Again, I understand that they’re on hand to record nature, not to change it.

Still, I think the armchair critics ought to give Corey Hancock at least a smidgen of a benefit of the doubt.

He acted like a human being.