Pondering a Facebook decision


This shouldn’t cause me to suffer any heartburn — proverbial or real — but it is.

I’m pondering whether to take an extended break from Facebook. I’m writing this post on my blog, but it will go to Facebook as well, which brings me to my point.

I am addicted to blogging. I also have become addicted to Facebook. I don’t mind spending the time it takes to write these messages on High Plains Blogger. I do get a bit annoyed with the time I’m spending on Facebook reading responses to these posts.

Then we have the back-and-forth that occasionally ensues.

They wear me out. I don’t have the emotional stamina or energy to engage my friends/”friends” ad infinitum.

I won’t get too deeply into the other things that annoy me about Facebook: the profanity, the nonsense, the hate.

I haven’t yet made up my mind. Other members of my family have declared their desire to do the same after the election. I might join them in their Facebook moratorium. Or …. I might not.

I’ll keep pounding out these messages on my blog. I do not want to wean myself of this particular fix. It’s too much fun.

If I make the big decision — and cure myself of the heartburn in the process — and forgo Facebook for a time, then I’ll just ask those interested in reacting to these blog posts to do so on the “reply” tab attached to the bottom of those posts.

You’ll see one here. Let me know if you think I’m all wet.

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