It never happened? What a crock!

It’s maddening to listen to a loony despot pop off, issuing statements of the most outrageous nature.

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done it … again. He told an NBC interviewer that the Holocaust is a fraud, a hoax, a lie perpetrated by Israelis who use it as a pretext to occupy Palestinian territory.

He called the most documented event in human history a fantasy.

Just how offensive can this man get?

I had the high honor of touring Israel during most of May and a good bit of June this year. I listened to countless tales of the misery inflicted by the Nazi murderers in Europe who exterminated 6 million Jews prior to and during World War II. Israel’s very existence as a state is due largely as a result of that horror. And yet, the Iranian lunatic — who’s never been to Israel — says the Holocaust never happened?

Those piles of corpses discovered by American, British, Canadian and Russian forces fighting their way to Berlin were a figment of someone’s imagination?

And to think that this madman just might acquire nuclear weapons.

My goodness.

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