What a way to turn 60

I’ve discovered the perfect outdoor activity to do the day after your 60th birthday.

You strap yourself into a harness, latch the harness onto a cable and then fly through the air at about 40 mph through a rain forest.

Yep, that was my day this past week, 24 hours after commencing my seventh decade in this world. I didn’t do this alone. My wife and sons joined me. Indeed, it was all my wife’s idea. She wanted to take the family somewhere cool to help me turn 60.

Oh man, she hit it out of the park.

We spent four days in St. Lucia, an island nation along the eastern edge of the Caribbean. We awoke on Thursday morning, Dec. 17, to the sight of the sun rising over the Atlantic.

I’ll admit to one fleeting moment — an instant, really — of trepidation when we got to the place where we went zip-lining among the trees. It occurred when I filled out the liability form, the one that absolves the outfitters of any fault in case I was maimed or killed flying through the jungle.

It asked for my age. I looked at it for a moment and, with an ever-so-slightly hesitant hand, I wrote the number “60.” That’s Six-Zero, for the first time in my life.

But what a way to celebrate a “landmark” birthday — with my beloved family in a place far from home, doing something I’d never done before.

Ah, how great it is to feel so young.