We know nothing …

Communication is vital, especially when you’re dealing with people who are paying for a service.

I’ll have more to say on the subject in my column, to be published Sunday.

But it appears that chronic dummying-up by airline employees needs to be eradicated when things go wrong.

The weather brought some havoc to air travelers arriving at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport late Sunday. It was too foggy to land. The plane was diverted to Lubbock. One of the passengers on that flight was my wife. She wasn’t happy.

What got her so worked up? It wasn’t the diversion to Lubbock. It was the lack of explanation from anyone who might know something, and who might be able to tell her how the airline planned to get her home.

Talk to us.

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  1. Let me guess. The Airline and it's partners mentioned should more accurately be called “The Third World Alliance?”

    I stopped flying with them this year from an unbroken string of four dreadful delays or flat cancellations – despite my loyalty to my home town and their headquarters in Fort Worth.

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