Keep politics out of curriculum

The culture warriors who comprise a majority of the Texas State Board of Education aren’t giving up their power without a fight.

The SBOE has enacted a social studies curriculum policy for Texas’ public schools that now favors conservative thought over liberal thought. There’s a vocal faction on the 15-member board that believes in the biblical version of earth’s creation — and want that version taught in our public schools along with the scientific theory of evolution. It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that matters of religious faith are better suited for study and reflection in places of worship.

What in the world happened to the notion that we ought to teach our children with zero regard to which end of the political spectrum gets favorable treatment?

The SBOE is undergoing serious change as a result of the March 2 primary election. At least two members of the arch conservative faction were defeated at the polls, giving many folks reason to believe that a more balanced approach to public education was returning to the elected board.

But that won’t happen until January when the new board members take office.

Until then, the culture warriors have more work to do.

Sigh …