How do they get away with this?

Austin, we have a problem.

A state law is supposed to require motorists to be insured. But we now have learned that one in four Potter County drivers are uninsured; one in six Randall County drivers fall into that category.

What gives? We have to produce proof of insurance when we get our car inspected. Each year when we go to the county tax office, the clerk calls up our record to confirm that we have insurance. If we don’t have insurance, we can’t get our car inspected or get our auto insurance renewed. Failure to do either may result in our getting busted by the police.

Is enforcement lacking? How do these people get away with driving without insurance?

Well, one of the Panhandle’s very own state reps, John Smithee of Amarillo, is in position to do something about this problem. He chairs the House Insurance Committee — and may get that assignment when the next Legislature convenes in January.

Methinks the chairman needs to begin researching ways to fix this matter. Quickly.