Are you ready for some f-f-f-football?

The Super Bowl is going to New York in 2014. Outdoors. In the cold. Maybe it’ll be snowing, sleeting and raining all at the same time.

Good deal.

The NFL awarded the Big Game to the Big Apple in what is a first for the league: the first Super Bowl to be played in cold-weather elements.

The crying has begun already. More of it will come from the big-time moguls who go to the game to party. They care little about the game. They prefer the tropical climes in, say, San Diego or Miami — or perhaps the dry heat of Phoenix.

Hey, the game was meant to be played in the ice, snow, mud and rain. The players have to endure such weather at various times throughout the season. Moreover, the players and coaches make enough money that they can play just one more game in the cold before calling it a season.

I think the NFL has done the spirit of the game a great service by sending it to New York in early February. Kick it off into a howling sub-freezing wind and let the players slug it out on a snow-covered field.

That’s football, friends.

But what are they going to do about those superstar half-time shows? Who cares? It’s all about the game.