Looking ’em in the eye

Randall County Tax Assessor-Collector Sharon Hollingsworth wanted her employees to look their “bosses” right in the eye when they talk to them.

So what did the county do? It elevated the floor behind the counter at the tax office to — shall we say — level the playing field.

The tax office is in newly remodeled digs across the street from its old digs next to the 1909 Courthouse building. The North Annex will be razed as soon as crews remove asbestos. The new tax office, on the second floor of what used to be the DA’s office and the county jail, is shiny and new.

It also features an elevated floor that puts tax office employees at eye level with constituents who come to pay their taxes, renew their auto registration — or complain about their tax bill. In the old office, customers stood over employees, which Hollingsworth hinted was a bit intimidating for tax office staffers, especially if a taxpayer became agitated.

The new office is much more customer- and employee-friendly.

And when we’re talking about the public’s tax money, every little bit of comfort helps all around.