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Hey, Blago … you aren’t a ‘political prisoner’

I have to weigh in briefly on a ridiculous assertion by the former Illinois governor who contends he was a “political prisoner” sent to prison for eight years by “corrupt prosecutors.”

Rod Blagojevich had his sentence commuted by Donald Trump. He’s now out and is telling the world that he was imprisoned because of, um, pure politics.

Actually, he wasn’t sent to the slammer for those reasons. A jury of his peers convicted him of trying to “sell” a U.S. Senate that had been vacated by Barack Obama, who had been elected president of the United States. He was caught in a recording offering the seat to the highest bidder. I believe that fits the description of, dare I say it, a “quid pro quo.” It was an illegal act that stunk to high heaven.

Blago wasn’t a political prisoner. He got caught participating in an unseemly, corrupt political act. He was told to pay a price of a 14-year prison sentence.

Then along came Donald Trump, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” TV host. Blago had been a contestant on his show. So the former TV celebrity-turned-president thought he’d do his good friend a favor.

He set him free.

A political prisoner? Hah! Give me a break!

CNN’s Anderson Cooper challenged Blago’s assertion. Check it out here.

Gov. Blagojevich is off his rocker.

POTUS goes to war with justice system

Donald John Trump has gone on the warpath.

His latest weapon of choice is the presidential pardon power, which he invoked this week by commuting the prison sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Yep, the president calls a phone call that the governor made a “perfect call,” just as he described the phone call that got him impeached for abuse of power.

All Blagojevich did was offer a vacant U.S. Senate seat for money to the highest bidder. Where I come from, that personifies political corruption at its lowest. According to Trump, the call was perfect.

Actually, it was perfectly reprehensible, disgusting, corrupt.

So now he gets to walk out of prison. Blagojevich called himself a “political prisoner.” He was nothing of the kind. The former governor, a Democrat, conducted a slimy political shakedown in which he got caught. Period. End of story.

Except that it isn’t. He gets to walk away.