Can we repair this damage?


One of the unfortunate consequences of Donald Trump’s term as president has been the damage inflicted among loved ones.

Family members have become split between the pro-Trump and the anti-Trump wings. Not only that, but the anger generated on both sides of the divide has done great harm to relationships that are supposed to be immune from mere political differences.

My family has been spared much of that long term damage. I am an avid anti-Trumper. I have family members who are just as avid pro-Trumpers. They live far away. Therefore, we don’t see them regularly enough or even communicate with sufficient frequency to get wound up too tightly in political discussions.

I have heard plenty of anecdotes about family members clawing at each other — proverbially, of course — over these political differences.

We have crossed an important threshold, though. President Biden vowed to “unify” the country. He is having trouble unifying Democrats and Republicans in Congress, getting them to line up toward a single political goal. Perhaps the president can focus his unification effort on trying to mend fences between factions out here. It well might be that Joe Biden will be less toxic, less divisive, less vitriolic than the guy he defeated this past November.

Therefore, we might see some unity redevelop in households across the land. Or between extended family members who formerly hated each just because they supported Trump … or opposed Trump.

It would be my fervent hope that President Biden’s quest for unity can extend beyond the halls of power and into our living rooms and dining rooms.

Is that too much to ask? I think not.

5 thoughts on “Can we repair this damage?”

  1. Biden isn’t trying to unify. Look at the border. He dissolved Trump’s policies out of spite and look what he caused??? We now have the worst problem at the border in 20 plus years. He assigned Harris to oversee the border crisis and she’s yet to go there. All she does is laugh when asked. Biden has destroyed jobs by the thousands. He’s given papers back to North Korea and Iran. He’s given China more power than ever while protecting them.

    Yeh, he’s going to unify.

    The difference in pro Trumpers and anti Trumpers, we like Trump due to pro American policies. Anti Trumpers simply didn’t like him be the hurt their feelings.

    Biden doesn’t hurt feelings. Biden doesn’t do anything that his handlers do t want him to do. He’s not even allowed to properly conduct a media Q&A.

          1. Crap isn’t how you spell facts! You’ve got a very closed mind and get very clouded when it comes to feelings versus policies.

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