Does POTUS really want a second term?

Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni are two top-notch reporters for the New York Times who have put together a story that suggests something quite remarkable.

It is that Donald Trump’s behavior and his inability/unwillingness to listen to advice from his staff to dial back his weird impulses suggest that Trump secretly doesn’t want to serve a second term as president.

Oh, I wish that were true. I have trouble believing it.

Haberman and Karni aren’t suggesting it’s all true. They just have talked to a lot of White House functionaries who make the suggestion based on what they are witnessing within the West Wing.

It is an intriguing thought to be sure. Trump cannot lead. He isn’t wired for public service. He is proving it time and time and time again. Trump’s feeble attempts at crisis management reveal a fundamental weakness in a guy who spent his entire professional life running a business, hosting a TV reality show and behaving like a crass, cruel and scandalous fool.

“I don’t think he’s fit for office,” says former national security adviser John Bolton. No kidding? Well, many of us have been saying it all along.

We have walked headlong into a most fascinating election season. I think we ought to keep Trump’s behavior at the top of our minds as this individual seeks to suggest he deserves a second term at the helm of the most exalted public service job on Earth.

Take a look at Haberman and Karni’s story here.

It might give you pause.

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