‘New normal’ means we will fight this virus for a long time

Some pundits have complained about the use of the term “new normal” to define Americans’ life once we get past the anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the entire planet.

Too bad. I think we should get used to the new normal.

The new normal means to me that we’re going to have to be on a heightened alert even after the infection rate subsides. It well might mean we continue to practice “social distancing,” and that we will have to carry sanitized wipes with us when we go out and about.

What is so terrible about that? Nothing, I contend.

Just as it is a tall order to declare victory in our war against terrorists, it is an equally tall order to do so against this “invisible enemy.” So the fight against COVID-19 will continue.

When does it end? Perhaps only when we develop a vaccine that is as effective as the polio vaccine that came to being in 1955. Dr. Jonas Salk saved generations of Americans from the crippling disease. Is there another mystery man or woman working now on a vaccine to inoculate all of us against the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus? One can hope.

I need to remind you here that South Korea just recently thought it had turned the corner against the virus. It lifted many of its mandates. Then there was a serious spike in the infection rate. The South Koreans have re-imposed the restrictions they thought had passed.

Therein lies the lesson for all of us as we continue to fight the coronavirus. It will take a long time to put this killer disease behind us … if ever!

One thought on “‘New normal’ means we will fight this virus for a long time”

  1. The problem with constantly using sanitizer is your body gets dependent on them and doesn’t make the necessary antibodies to protect itself. Hopefully, people will at least be more cautious about hygiene in general.

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