‘Threat’ would bring a huge U.S. response?

Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis needs to define “threat” in the context of North Korea.

The defense boss is sounding a bit more bellicose lately, saying that any North Korea “threat” against the United States or our allies could result in a “massive military response” that would annihilate the communist nation.

Is the defense secretary talking now about a first strike? Are we considering hitting the North Koreans before they strike the first blow?

I am uncertain why “threats” by themselves would constitute a reason to launch a bloody war against a nation with more than 1 million men in arms, a massive amount of artillery and armor — and, yes, a small but growing cache of nuclear bombs.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un issues threat almost daily. He keeps saying he’s going to do this and/or that to South Korea. He reportedly has threatened to attack Guam, a U.S. territory in the Pacific Ocean.

According to The Hill :¬†“Any threat to the United States¬†or its territories including¬†Guam or our allies will be met¬†with a massive military¬†response,” Mattis said in a statement outside of the White House after meeting with President Trump.¬†

“Kim Jong Un should take heed¬†the United Nations Security Council’s unified voice.¬†All members unanimously agreed¬†on the threat North Korea¬†poses.¬†And they remain unanimous in¬†their commitment to the¬†denuclearization of the Korean¬†peninsula.¬†Because we are not looking to¬†the total annihilation of a¬†country, namely, North Korea,” he continued.¬†

OK. We all get it. The United States is the most lethal military power on the planet. We know it. Kim knows it. The Russians and Chinese know it.

I keep wondering if this constant goading of Kim by itself is deterring him from committing a profoundly foolish act. We’ve established to the world that we mean business.

Now, let’s get back to seeking some sort of diplomatic solution.

Shall we? Hmmm?

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