Let’s cool off

I guess the folks who oppose health care reform are taking their defeat seriously.

Some of them are saying some hateful things to members of Congress who voted for the legislation promoted heavily by President Obama and congressional Democratic leaders. Oh, but it gets worse.

Some anti-reformists are actually threatening members of the House and Senate with physical harm.

Yep, it’s getting personal.

Democrats are blaming Republicans for failing to speak out against the threats. Republicans, meanwhile, are blaming Democrats for fomenting the outrage and using it as a campaign tool.

Meanwhile, back here at home, our congressman, Republican Mac Thornberry of Clarendon, hasn’t said much publicly about the anger being expressed. He ought to speak out — sooner rather than later.

Thornberry, to his great credit, hasn’t been a bomb-thrower since being elected to Congress in 1994. He’s a thoughtful guy who speaks intelligently about his opposition to the health reform legislation that has become law. But he has allied himself with others who aren’t so circumspect.

If congressional leaders of Thornberry’s ilk — including the veteran Panhandle lawmaker himself — were to speak out against the rage being expressed, then perhaps we can return to some semblance of civility.

Yes, I know. That’s a stretch. But it’s worth a try.

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  1. Had the Republicans, during their many years as the majority party, put in a health care reform bill, would it have caused such an uproar? I think not. As for Thornberry, he does what the party tells him to do –no more, no less. Plus people should quit referring to him as Thornberry of Clarendon. He left Clarendon to go to college and never really returned. He has some relatives left here, and that is all.

  2. In response to Anonymous, Thornberry is one of the more independent Republicans in the House of Representatives. His record is driven by his conservative roots, not the dictates of his party's leadership. With regard to his roots, he is registered to vote in Clarendon, and Clarendon is the address listed on his drivers license. It's where his family home is. So put aside your reflexive partisan talking points, understand that you are living in a very conservative area, and appreciate the fact that you are represented by one of the most honest, intelligent, and fair-minded conservatives in the United States.

  3. Thornberry got elected partly on his promise to serve 2 terms only. Claimed he believed in term limits. You cannot refute that. Tha was many terms ago. He is nothing but a career politician and a pasrty hack.

  4. You are correct — Thornberry said he supported term limits, and voted for them several times after he was elected. He still supports term limits. But he has never said he would term limit himself. There is a difference. It's kind of like the designated hitter rule in baseball. A person can be against the rule and say it's bad for the sport. But only a fool would not want his favorite team to use it if every other team is using it too. The same is true in Congress. The committee system on Capitol Hill is based on seniority. A few years back, this area was fortunate to be represented by Larry Combest and Charles Stenholm, whose years of service helped them become the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee. That never would have happened if Combest and Stenholm had limited their own terms. The bottom line is you can say you support term limits all you want. But as long as the current system is based on seniority, you would be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you limit your own terms.

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