Trump legacy? Shattered!

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This will come as no big surprise, but I have to get this off my chest.

Donald Trump’s legacy as president of the United States was — at best — destined to be a mixed, but mostly negative, compilation of historical fact.

Then came his losing bid for re-election. President-elect Biden is trying to form a government. He is being stymied and blocked at every level by Donald Trump.

The lame-duck president essentially had two courses he could have taken after losing the election.

He could have accepted the election result, offered a tepid “concession” and then released his team to assist in the transition. He could have kept his trap shut and gone out quietly.

He chose another course. He has alleged voter fraud where none exists. He has withheld presidential briefings from the new president and his national security team. Trump has withheld cooperation on the pandemic response, while hundreds of Americans continue to die each day. POTUS is meddling in states’ efforts to certify their election results, which already have told us that Biden won and Trump lost.

What is all this going to do to whatever legacy Donald Trump sought to leave behind? It will shatter it into a zillion pieces.

Trump is now going to be remembered as a joke, a fraud, a laughingstock, a hideous political aberration, a dangerous wannabe despot.

Nice going, Donald.

One thought on “Trump legacy? Shattered!”

  1. You know, I pray bro God These allegations are false and Biden is our next President. If the evidence shows to be true, that means we are no better than any third world country.

    If you actually listen to the evidence, which there’s a hell of a lot more than the Russian collusion, it’s scary as hell!

    Everyone should want this to play out and be 100% there was nothing out of the ordinary.

    Again, this is the one scenario I hope Biden actually won the Presidential election and Trump is 100% wrong. If there was foul play, our country is in the shitter and no easy way out.

    You should want to know for a fact as well instead of blowing it off so so easily. You accepted Russian collusion with zero evidence or legal affidavits. Trump’s team has numerous people willing to testify and written affidavits. Are they lying? Maybe. But, at this point, we have to let it play out for the sake of the country. Burying it won’t help anyone in the long term.

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