Once a ‘landslide,’ now it’s … something else?

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

President-elect Biden is closing in on an 80-million vote election victory. They’re still counting ballots, but the new president is about to cross an amazing threshold.

He’s already won an Electoral College victory, which all by itself puts him in the victor’s circle. Biden has 306 electoral votes; Donald Trump has 232 electoral votes.

Sound familiar? It should. Trump won in 2016 over Hillary Clinton by the same Electoral College margin. Four years ago, Trump called it a “landslide.” It wasn’t. Neither is the Biden victory over Trump this time. It is a substantial victory nonetheless, which I am certain just rankles Donald Trump to no end.

Too … bad, Donald.

But the actual vote is impressive. Biden has set a record for the number of ballots. Trump, too, has set a record for the most votes collected by the losing candidate. They’re both impressive totals.

One of them, though, is the winner. That would be Joe Biden.

It gives me reason to smile as they keep counting the ballots.

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