Hoping to avoid head explosion

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

My head may be about to explode.

I am trying to wrap my noggin around what is continuing to unfold after President-elect Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Trump is refusing to concede to Biden. He is withholding national security briefing material from the new team. Trump’s foot-dragging is stymying the president-elect’s transition team.

Worst of all, he is blocking efforts to enable the new team to prepare for how it plans to deal with the COVID pandemic that continues to kill hundreds of American every day.

I am at a loss as to how I am supposed to react to this. It is outrageous that Trump is doing this. It also outrageous that he seems to care not a damn bit that lives are going to be lost because of this astonishing, astounding, shameful refusal to accept the plain fact that Trump lost to Biden in a transparent, free and fair election. There was no “widespread voter fraud.”

Trump is preaching the Big Lie … delivering fake news!

He is committing arguably the most un-American act many of us have ever witnessed.

What’s more, we have plenty of shame to pass around.

Let’s start with congressional Republicans who continue to resist acknowledging President-elect Biden’s victory. Good God in heaven! they are even refusing to refer to him as “president-elect,” choosing instead to engage in some sort of verbal gymnastics. They have become cowed by a lame-duck president who is continuing to play to his cult of personality.

They, too, are engaging in a shameful display of cowardice the likes of which is utterly beyond my ability to comprehend.

I am struggling to hold onto my hope that Trump eventually will do what he must do, which is accept President-elect Biden’s victory and allow the transition to the new team to commence … at all levels!

It is getting more difficult with each passing day and each outrageous act by the Sore Loser in Chief.

I don’t want my head to explode.

2 thoughts on “Hoping to avoid head explosion”

  1. Same response as in other post. How do you know there was no fraud? Because Biden says so?

    Like I said in other post, I truly pray Trump is wrong on this! If he’s right in the least bit, we will not recover. The two sides will never work to bring this country back together.

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