Woe is POTUS?

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

Donald Trump is campaigning for re-election as the grievance candidate for president of the United States.

That’s how Trump rolls. It’s all about him. All about what others are doing to him. What they’re saying about him.

Oh, a vision for the future? What will he do in the next four years? As the cliché goes … crickets. That’s all we hear are the bugs chirping through the silence.

The grievance candidate is trying to change what is looking like a grim trajectory for his re-election bid. Joe Biden continues to lead by double digits nationally and by solid single-digit margins in many “swing states.” The former vice president talks in excruciating detail about how he intends to help get us through the pandemic, how he intends to restore our national soul, how he intends to put people back to work. Yes, the ex-VP has a four-year plan.

Trump keeps yammering about how he has been done wrong by … oh, whomever.

Now he is calling Biden “corrupt.” He wants the Democratic nominee indicted and locked up. Same for former President Obama. And let us not forget he insists the same fate to befall Hillary Clinton.

Due process? Presumption of innocence? Forget about it!

I guess this is all my way of suggesting that Donald Trump is beginning to sound like a desperate man.

What in the world awaits this clown after he leaves the presidency is anyone’s guess. I have this hunch that Trump might fear the worst no matter the outcome of this campaign. Win or lose, he might believe he’s going down eventually. He knows he can’t stay in office forever.

So it is with the backdrop of a possible – if not probable – election loss in store, we find Trump seeking to find some sort of “sympathy vote” to bail out his backside.

The “woe is me” vote ain’t enough to turn the  tide.

3 thoughts on “Woe is POTUS?”

  1. Hunter Biden! You know it’s all true. You refuse to think for yourself. Biden himself stated as much with the prosecutor firing video. How does someone with zero experience get where he’s at without help from, oh I don’t know, the Vice President of the United States!

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