A cure for Trump fatigue?

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

I am suffering from a potentially terminal illness.

It’s called Donald Trump fatigue. I am tired, weary and downright exhausted by Donald Trump’s presence on the national political stage. The only sure-fire cure for the ailment is for Joseph Biden to whip his a** on Nov. 3, to send him to Mar-a-Lago, Fla.

Now, when I say “sure-fire cure for the ailment,” I don’t mean to suggest that a Trump defeat on Election Day will rid the country of his presence. I do mean to say, though, that I intend fully to devote the teeny-tiniest fraction of my time and attention to whatever he has to say. He will be irrelevant.

I understand fully that the stars have to align properly for Biden to defeat Trump. I hope they are lining up as we sit here. Biden’s poll numbers look positive … at this moment. I am still stinging from the stunning upset Trump pulled off in 2016 when he defeated another frontrunning Democrat to be elected president.

So, with that I am hoping for all I am worth to be cured of the fatigue that has worn me out. Rest assured, however, that this blog will keep up the barrage for as long as Donald Trump is in office and for as long as he continues to embarrass and shame the country he was elected to lead.

3 thoughts on “A cure for Trump fatigue?”

  1. Sorry, you got the name wrong. It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. There is a cure. All you need to do is quit believing the BS the mainstream media spreads. Look at the facts.

    BTW… Where’s Hunter? Bobulinski has pretty compelling evidence against Joe Biden, big guy.

  2. If you’re voting based on character, which is why you’ve complained about for nearly four years now, why aren’t you concerned about Biden’s character? You’re not concerned at all about Biden’s business dealings or want to know for a fact he had nothing to do with those deals?

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