White House going after Fauci

It appears that the White House operatives have unsheathed the long knives and are sharpening them as they prepare to plunge them into Dr. Anthony Fauci’s back.

Think of this for just a moment.

The nation was struck by a global pandemic. The White House formed a response task force. It selected Dr. Fauci, one of the world’s premier infectious disease experts to be a leading source of research for the task force. Donald Trump chose Mike Pence to lead the task force. Trump and Pence then began a series of happy-talk riffs about the “fantastic” job they were doing to fight the pandemic. Fauci didn’t buy into it.

Fauci is concerned about the outbreak that is not subsiding. He has said so publicly and with considerable emphasis.

The White House is having none of it.

Admiral Brett Giroir, a physician and a member of the pandemic task force, appeared today on “Meet the Press” and said Fauci has been wrong in his assessment. He is the latest White House official to pile onto Fauci.

Excuse me for chiming in, but I am far more wiling to accept Dr. Fauci’s brutal honesty than listen to the politically driven propaganda being spouted by the White House.

Anthony Fauci is the expert in the room. The politicians who run the task force need to put the long knives away and let the good doctor continue to tell us the truth.

One thought on “White House going after Fauci”

  1. He may be an expert, but he’s expert that flip-flops constantly. It would appear he says what the audience of the day wants to hear.

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