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This is how you sing the National Anthem

The singer Fergie has been taking a lot of grief over the way she “sang” the National Anthem at the start of the NBA all-star game Sunday night.

She deserves it. It stunk to high heaven. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Rather than go on and on about her pitiful performance, I merely want to share the following video from the 1991 Super Bowl. A young woman named Whitney Houston sang the Anthem the way it should be sung.

May this lovely young singer rest in peace. Enjoy.


This is how you sing the National Anthem

Three years ago today, Whitney Houston died tragically.

Many of us mourned her death, expressing anguish at the downward spiral her life took prior to her leaving this world.

I just wanted to post this video to remember one of the most marvelous musical instruments God ever produced.

This young woman could sing like few others ever have been able to do.

Enjoy the sound of her voice … one more time. And while you’re at it, take note of the joy on her face as she pays this marvelous tribute to our great country.