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Biden feeling the heat

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Joe Biden is feeling the heat.

Who does he select as a vice-presidential running mate? When does he make that decision? It’s coming at him fast and furiously.

U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, one of the House members who prosecuted Donald Trump’s impeachment in the Senate, says Reps. Val Demings of Florida and Karen Bass of California would be excellent picks. I guess he wants one of those House colleagues to join the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee on the party’s ticket. They are African-American, as is Jeffries.

Then there’s former Pennsylvania Gov. and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell, who says Biden must select someone right now. As in now, man!

Rendell’s demand makes me laugh. Joe Biden will determine when it’s time to make the announcement, to which I want to tell Rendell simply: Shut the hell up and let your party’s nominee go through the process with all deliberate care.

Biden laid down the marker early when he declared his running mate will be a woman. Whether it’s a woman of color or a white woman depends, I suppose, on what the former vice president determines is in the best interest of the nation he hopes to lead.

Indeed, the first and most critical criterion must be: Is the person with whom he runs equipped to lead the country?

Meanwhile, the pressure is building. Be strong, Joe Biden.

Clinton might announce VP pick very soon … or later


One of the more fascinating theories being kicked around about the timing of Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential selection announcement deals with the outcome of the Republican National Convention.

If the GOP finishes the convention tonight on a downer, the theory goes, Clinton is going to wait a day or two before making her big announcement.

If it finishes on a high note, if Donald J. Trump hits it out of the arena tonight when he makes his presidential nomination acceptance speech, Clinton well might be set to announce her selection Friday morning.

She might even leak it out over Twitter, say, around midnight.

My own gut tells me that she’s made up her mind, that she’s notified all the candidates she “vetted” for the VP post and that she has worked out a pending appearance with whomever she has selected.

Whether announces her selection early — or later — well might depend on the way the Republicans conclude their convention.

I’m all ears.