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Who’s the real ‘enemy,’ Mr. President?

I find it weird in the extreme that Donald J. Trump is getting cozy with a real “enemy of the American people.”

Except that the president has declared another entity to be the people’s No. 1 enemy.

He calls North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un an “honorable” man. Yes, a young despot who should be tried for crimes against humanity on the basis of the treatment he levels against his own people is now the president’s newest best friend. Trump calls Kim “smart” and a “great negotiator.”

Oh, but who’s the “enemy” that Trump has identified? It’s the media. The American journalists who cover the Trump administration has incurred the president’s wrath. He calls the media the “greatest enemy of the American people.”

Now, I believe that is a perversion of the first order.

The president cuddles (proverbially) with dictators/thugs/killers while excoriating the media that are seeking to hold him and his administration accountable to the public — the president’s employers.

I don’t know about you, but the president has it exactly backward.

Oh, and then there are the Russians …