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Yes, it’s personal . . . so what?

Those who comprise Donald Trump’s base of supporters seem fond of criticizing those of us on the other side of the great divide for harboring what they call “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

I get it. I understand how they must feel. Indeed, I have harbored similar feelings aimed in the opposite direction. They, too, have felt much the same toward politicians I have supported over the years.

I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. I have acknowledged in prior blog posts concerning the president that, yes, it is personal with me. I detest the idea that this charlatan, carnival barker, amoral ignoramus won an Electoral College victory in 2016. It still boggles my noggin that he managed to eke out a victory despite the utter absence of any semblance of public service commitment during his entire adult life.

I just wish those in his camp — and a few of them read this blog — would refrain from tossing stones at those of us who feel as strongly as we do about this individual. For them to say such things out loud ignores the obvious history we all witnessed during past presidential administrations.

Yes, this kind of “derangement syndrome” swings in both directions. It cases a wide arc of distrust, resentment and disrespect.

It goes with the territory.

I believe it’s what one might call, um . . .  politics.