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Meditation anyone? Hey, it seems to work!

I’m actually thinking about taking up meditation as a way to curb stress and to, um, learn to cope.

Why now at my advanced age of 68? I point to Ekaphol Chantawong, the young man who was pulled out of the cave in northern Thailand, along with 12 young soccer players he coaches.

Chantawong is 25 years of age. He is a former Buddhist monk. He reportedly told the boys who were trapped in the cave for more than two weeks about meditation. Indeed, he reportedly led them in meditation sessions designed to help them cope with the obvious stress of being trapped underground in a cavern that had been blocked off from the outside world by monsoon flooding.

There will be many stories coming out of the daring rescue of the boys and their coach. The parents of the boys have absolved the coach of any responsibility for the harrowing circumstance they endured. Some of the boys emerged as heroes while they were trapped beneath the surface for what no doubt seemed like an eternity. We know also of the heroic former Thai Navy SEAL who suffocated while transporting oxygen to the team.

This is one of the premier good-news stories in most people’s memories. The young coach may be emerging as the embodiment of the virtues of meditation.


Rescue of Thai boys and coach: a joyful event

Oh, man, it was good to wake up this morning to some good news.

I mean, some really good news. I only can imagine how the parents of 12 boys and the loved ones of their soccer coach are feeling this morning.

Rescue teams pulled the last of the boys and their coach out of that purgatory where floodwaters had trapped them. They were stranded in that cave for more than two weeks.

Indeed, when I first heard about the “missing” boys and coach, my heart sank. There’s no way they’ll be found alive, I thought. Well, silly me. Indeed, silly the rest of the world, too.

They not only were alive when they were detected deep underground, they were in relatively good condition, in relatively good spirits.

So, they’re in a hospital in northern Thailand, being treated for whatever ills they might have developed while awaiting their rescue. I heard someone report that the boys were “quite hungry.” Do ya think?

This is the kind of story that lifts all our spirits.

How does one offer appropriate congratulations and expressions of gratitude to the Thai navy SEALs and the international community that worked so damn hard to free those young men from their captivity?

I guess a mere “thank you” will have to suffice.

Meanwhile, I might be smiling all day.