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Just wondering: Can’t POTUS get proof if he demands it?

The thought occurs to me this morning …

If the president of the United States accuses his predecessor of a crime, can’t he gather up the proof of that allegation on demand? Can’t the president call the spooks, the spies, the prosecutors, anyone who can prove something happened and then produce the proof of what he has alleged.

Donald Trump’s tweet over the weekend that Barack Obama ordered a wire tap on Trump Tower offices has ignited the mother of political firestorms. The president hasn’t proved anything. He has offered nothing but a tweet that said “it is a fact” that his predecessor ordered the wire tap┬ábecause of some belief that there might be collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

A fact? Is that what you say, Mr. President?

Sir, you are in command of the world’s greatest intelligence network — no matter what you have said about it. I believe you are able to obtain proof on demand.

'Jihadi John' says he's sorry

Don’t you know that it really sucks to be Jihadi John these days?

His real name is Mohammed Emwazi. He was born in Kuwait. His family emigrated to Great Britain, I guess when he was young, as he speaks now with a British accent.


Jihadi John has been seen on those hideous videos purporting to show the beheading of innocent victims. He wields a knife and makes threats against Barack Obama, along with other Western leaders who are intent on capturing — or killing — this madman.

I’ve been wondering: How does someone such as this go through daily life knowing that every spook from countries allied with the United States is trying to find him?

Does this goon perform acts the rest of us do? You know, such as buy groceries, go to the movies, take a walk in the park, hang out with friends?

Now this monster says he’s sorry. He’s apologized to his family for being “outed” and for the disruption he’s caused them. Well, I feel a certain degree of sympathy for them, too. They more than likely didn’t drive him to join the Islamic State and become one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

Emwazi didn’t apologize for the horrific crimes he has committed. Then again, no one would expect that from a remorseless killer.

Here’s hoping this ghoul lives in fear for the rest of what’s left of his life.