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Thank goodness for Skype

Time for an admission.

I’ll admit to being dragged — not exactly kicking and screaming — into the 21st century of high technology gadgets, gizmos and doo-dads.

Skype is one of them and recently my wife and I had the high pleasure of reaping a critical benefit of this form of telecommunication. It involved our granddaughter, Emma Nicole, who this past week turned 2.

We went to Allen, Texas, to celebrate with Emma and her parents.

Now, about this Skype thing.

Every week — or sometimes two — Emma and her parents call us up on Skype. For the few of you who don’t know, Skype is a form of Internet connection that hooks conversing parties up with video. Our techno-savvy son hooked up our TV with a computer and added the Skype software.

So … they hit the Skype button on their end, our TV beeps loudly at us, we scramble to turn our TV from one cable hookup to another so we can open the Skype connection and then — presto! — we hook it up and there’s Emma.

We chat with her and her parents, get caught up on the latest goings-on there — and they with ours — and we talk to Emma, seeking to elicit some kind of reaction to the image of us that shows up on their TV screen.

Tonight, we visited with them via Skype and had a wonderful exchange. Emma was wearing a costume dress we bought her for her birthday.

Where am I going with this?

Well, last weekend we took Emma to breakfast. Just the three of us went out while her Mommy and Daddy got ready for a birthday party. We don’t see Emma all that often in person — remember, she lives 360 miles away. What thrilled us to no end was how comfortable Emma was to be with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a blast sharing breakfast with her at a diner in the middle of Allen.

We took her shopping later that morning for some more birthday goodies.

I credit Skype with acquainting Emma with us and with enabling us to enjoy some family time with our precious little pumpkin.

I shudder to think how that breakfast date might have gone had Emma not gotten to see us as often as she does through this modern technology that, I must admit, is still taking some time to grasp fully.

This all might not seem like a big deal to those who see their grandchildren regularly. Take it from me: It’s a big deal to us.


Skype: Best technology of the Internet Age

I love Skype.

In our household, it is enabling us to establish a relationship with someone who doesn’t quite know us yet, but we sense that she’s beginning to understand who those folks are on the other end of image in her parents’ cell phone.

We are relying on Skype to communicate with little Emma Nicole, our granddaughter, who lives about 360 miles southeast of us, way over yonder in Allen, one of the many ‘burbs surrounding Dallas.

I must stipulate that we’re not yet very good at initiating Skype contact, but we’re quite good at receiving Skype messages from our son, daughter-in-law and little Emma.

We visited with them Tuesday evening. According to our son, Emma “wanted to wish me a happy birthday.” It’s kind of strange that when he says it that way, it sounds quite believable.

Look, she just turned 9 months old. So, intellectually I know better, but my heart wants to believe she really does communicate these things to her parents.

We connected the Skype hookup Tuesday evening and looked right at our little angel. She looked right back at us and, so help me Almighty God in heaven, we are certain she recognized us. She began waving. We waved back and we had a heck of a great time talking to her.

She chattered back to us in that code known only by babies as they utter it.

My friends keep asking me about grandparenthood. How do you like it? Is it as much fun as you would expect it to be?

I am candid in answering that. I don’t yet really know. We haven’t gotten to do too much of it, given that Emma lives so far away. We’ve seen her a few times, held her, cuddled and kissed her and told her we love her. Then we have to come back home, and start longing for the next visit.

Still, because of Skype, Emma is able to see images of her grandmother and me and is getting to know the sound of our voices.

Therein lies the reason I believe Skype has become be the best technology ever developed in the Internet Age.

Oh man, life is so-o-o-o-o good.