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Puppy Tales, Part 13

Toby the Dog continues to impress my wife and me.

Here’s the latest demonstration of how well-behaved dogs are supposed to act when you take them out among others.

We went to Petsmart today to look for a couple of dog and cat accessories. The place was a madhouse, full of barking, yapping, yipping and — in some instances — snarling.

Today was adoption day at the pet store, courtesy of the ASPCA, which brings in a number of dogs and cats to find new homes.

So, how did Toby react to all of this commotion?

He didn’t make a sound. Not one bark. Not one whimper. Nothing. He stayed next to us, waited patiently while we looked for what we wanted to buy. He visited with a nice fellow who was in the same aisle as us, sniffing his leg and licking his hand when the gentleman reached down to pet him.

I’ve noted before how Toby doesn’t bark when the neighborhood pooches start in. He’ll bark at the neighbor’s cats when they venture into our yard to tease him.

Today presented another bit of a test for our dog, who’s just a little more than a year old.

I’m happy to report that he sailed through it — with ease.

Puppy tales, Part 3

Message received. I’ve decided to take the high road regarding our new dog’s former owners.

I’d sent out a request for advice on how to handle this situation. We took possession of a small mixed-breed dog over the weekend. His name is Toby. He’s about as sweet as sweet gets. Our great-niece informed us his former owners didn’t want him and so they had decided to let him run loose in our southwest Amarillo neighborhood hoping someone would claim him.

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

It angered my wife and me so much we felt compelled to tell our dog’s former owners off.

I’ve thought better of it.

Why? Perhaps the major reason is that I don’t know with whom we would be dealing.

Suppose our niece is correct and the pooch’s former owners are dimwitted enough to turn their dog loose with no regard to his safety. Would they be equally dimwitted to shoot someone who confronts them in front of their house? I decided I didn’t want to take the chance. This is Texas, the place where people supposedly love their guns and are unafraid to use them … correct?

As some of my friends and family members advised me, we have emerged as the good guys in this little tale. Our dog is happy and safe. He’ll make a wonderful addition to the family.

Who knows? Perhaps while we’re walking him through the neighborhood we’ll encounter his former owners who might feel either a little bit of shame over doing what they did or they might feel a touch of gratitude that someone is taking good care of a dog that deserved better than to be cast aside.

Whatever. This matter is resolved happily. Toby has a new home.