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Is this how you MAGA, Mr. POTUS?

You know, Mr. President, your golf outing this weekend in Florida all by itself doesn’t bother me.

It’s the context and the juxtaposition with the glaring, tragic and lethal global pandemic that sends me into orbit.

You see, I remember that you spent a good part of your 2016 presidential campaign telling us you wouldn’t “have time” to play golf. You would be too busy “making America great again” to play any golf. Furthermore, you kept yapping about President Obama enjoying the occasional round of golf. Your criticism not only was unfair, it has proven to be highly hypocritical.

I mean, good grief. You have spent more time and taxpayer money in your current term than Obama spent more during his two full terms in office. What galls me to the max is how you get away with blowing this all off and how those Trumpsters out there continue to buy into your bullsh** about how hard you’re working to protect us.

It’s crap. And as you once said to reporters about the Charlottesville riot: I know and you know it, too. 

Then we have this pandemic. I am sure you know that the death toll is going to surpass 100,000 Americans. It could happen any day now. If you’re working so damn hard to end this tragedy, what in the hell are you doing out there batting a little ball around at a glitzy golf club that you own?

I have to say it, Mr. President: You are a fraud and you do not deserve to be re-elected. This golf outing only underscores what millions of have said all along, that you have no understanding or appreciation for majesty of the office you occupy.

We’re fighting for our lives, Mr. President, and we have a right to demand that the individual at the top of our government’s chief executive is fighting alongside us.

You are derelict in your duty.

Trump tees it up as Americans continue to die

Donald John “Golfer in Chief” Trump teed it up this weekend at his golf resort in Florida.

Let’s just say the “optics” look real, real bad.

We are closing in rapidly on 100,000 dead Americans from the coronavirus pandemic. Donald Trump has exhibited a shameful lack of empathy for the loss so many Americans are feeling at this moment. He wants to move at “warp speed” to reopen the economy; I mean, hey, he’s got a re-election campaign ramping up.

Yet Americans continue to get sick and die. And the idiot in chief goes golfing.

I don’t mind the golf, per se. I have said all along that presidents never are “off the clock.” However, what in the name of media hysteria would be the reaction if Barack Obama had done such a thing while so many Americans were dying of a pandemic?

Just had to ask. You know the answer. I damn sure do.

Memorial Day 2020 … like no other

Memorial Day is upon us as the nation honors the memory of those who have died in service to the country, primarily on battlefields.

This year’s Memorial Day looms like no other in our nation’s storied history. We ought to include thousands of Americans who also have died in service to our nation, but also in service to their neighbors, their loved ones and even to total strangers.

We are about to reach a ghastly milestone: the 100,000 casualty mark of those who have died from the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the globe.

Many of them — and I don’t know the precise number — are those who wear uniforms. They are firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, EMTs. They drive police cruisers, fire trucks and ambulances. They expose themselves unwittingly to those who are infected by the killer virus. Many of them become infected themselves. Tragically, many of them draw their final breath … most often alone and without the loving touch of a spouse, a child, a parent or a sibling.

Yes, we set this holiday aside to pay tribute to those who have died in battle. Yet we are waging a battle here at home, as other nations are fighting similar battles within their borders.

This battle is inflicting a terrible human cost. No matter the happy talk we hear about the “progress” we’re making in this fight, many of our countrymen and women are still dying. We are losing them at a tragically unacceptable rate.

They should remain in our place of honor forever.

Donald Trump: panderer in chief

Donald John Trump’s penchant for political pandering is boundless, without limit, without a single sense of irony.

For this president to stand before the nation and take up the cudgel for houses of worship as “essential” business not only is laughable on its face, it is repugnant in the extreme.

The pandemic has killed more than 96,000 Americans and is marching inexorably past 100,000 and way beyond. Imagine a president of the United States weaponizing people’s faith to use against fellow Americans, which is what Trump did today.

He said governors have declared abortion clinics, tattoo parlors and liquor stores to be “essential,” but not churches. He seeks to suggest that churchgoers are insulted by governors’ declaration.

Then he said he would “override” governors who decline to follow his directive, that he would order them to mandate that houses of worship must open their doors to worshipers.

Good grief. He has no authority to issue such an order. Had he read the Constitution, he would know that the First Amendment prohibits government intrusion in religious matters.

The bitterest pill for me to swallow is that this president would step into this argument at all. He has no religious background. He has admitted to grabbing women by their genitals. Trump has declared he’s never sought forgiveness, which according the Bible I have read is a fundamental tenet of Christianity.

He speaks of religious faith in hollow platitudes. Don’t take my word for it. Listen carefully to the next time tells us that religion is “so important” to Americans.

So this clown seeks to interfere in governors’ attempts to govern their states. What’s worse is that he seeks to interfere in pastors’ attempts to protect their congregations from a killer disease.

Go to church? Sure … but only if it’s safe!

Kaylee McEnany is new in her job as White House press flack but she’s got the Donald John Trump media-baiting rap down pat.

During a press briefing today, she chided reporters who she said were looking for reasons to talk Americans out of going to church in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

McEnany got some immediate push back from a reporter who objected out loud to her crass retort. “I go to church,” the reporter shouted back at her, telling her he wants to know why Donald Trump is insisting Americans flock to houses of worship even though the COVID-19 infection rates in many states is still climbing.

McEnany earned her media-bashing spurs, I suppose, from her time on Fox News. But whatever. I’ll move on.

Donald Trump, who barely has a passing acquaintance with matters of faith, is now saying he will “override” governors who resist his demand that they lift church-going restrictions.

Nice try, Mr. POTUS … but you don’t have the authority to override governors. The president doesn’t have the authority even to order churches to open in the first place. That First Amendment matter protecting religion — along with the press — from government intrusion gets in the way.

This constant baiting of the media is getting tiresome and distressing in the extreme. The White House press secretary by all rights is supposed to build a healthy professional relationship with the men and women who cover the White House and report their findings to the public.

Insulting them, flinging childish rejoinders does no good.

McEnany, though, is appealing to Donald Trump’s “base,” which I am certain is a major part of the duty she assumed when she signed on as press flack.


The mask ‘looks good,’ Mr. POTUS

Donald Trump went to a Ford Motor plant today to look at how the automobile factory has been repurposed to manufacture ventilators to help the nation fight the coronavirus pandemic.

FMC has a policy requiring everyone to wear a mask. Trump didn’t want to be seen wearing a mask. Then he said he donned a mask out of camera view. His idea was that he wanted to “look good” in front of the media.

Sheesh. Mr. President, the issue is much larger than looking good. It deals with being a positive example.

Then we saw the picture of Trump wearing that mask. To be honest, I didn’t give a single thought to how it looked on him. In fact, I found the image to be somewhat reassuring that Donald Trump saw fit to do what the Ford Motor higher-ups said he should do … not that it changes my view of his total unfitness to lead this country during the worst health crisis in a century.

Looking good ain’t the issue that should concern Donald Trump. Setting a positive example in this time of dire peril is of paramount importance.

These numbers don’t lie

Donald Trump keeps telling us about the “fantastic” success he has scored in “managing” the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Liar in Chief, of course, is lying yet again as he seeks to dupe the nation into believing his pandemic prevarication.

The United States comprises about 5 percent of the world’s population. Right? Check!

The pandemic death toll, though, puts the national failure in stark relief, as American deaths from the coronavirus comprises 30 percent of the worldwide total. You got that one? Good!

It is incumbent, then, to ask whether that is the mark of a successful response to a worldwide health crisis. I submit that it is the mark instead of a monumental failure.

Donald Trump wants you to believe he has been the man with the plan. He denies the dithering and dawdling that took place when the pandemic first took root.

Trump said the virus would disappear like a “miracle.” It didn’t.

Trump has said the virus is “under control.” It isn’t.

Trump has declared that anyone who wants a test for the virus can get one. No, we cannot.

We are now paying the terrible price for Trump’s lying, his game-playing, his blaming of others. He wants to win re-election and is going to seek to fool us one more time that he “alone” can fix what’s wrong with the nation.

No, he’s a failure.

WHO gets the shaft

Let me see if I can follow this matter that so far more or less escapes me.

The world is locked in a deadly pandemic brought to us by the coronavirus. It has killed 93,000 Americans — and counting. The United States is trying to corral the viral infection, with little success.

Other nations are suffering grievously as well.

So what does Donald John Trump threaten to do? He said he might pull all U.S. funding resources from the World Health Organization, the United Nations-sponsored health agency that many nations rely on to provide medical expertise that it brings to bear … particularly in times such as this!

Trump is angry at WHO because he alleges the agency has been too friendly with China, where Trump keeps saying is the source of the coronavirus. WHO did nothing, he says, to help stem the tide of the infection.

So he wants to punish WHO by pulling all U.S. money from its coffers. It’s a huge hit that Trump wants to deliver to WHO.

I am one American who believes that the World Health Organization’s role is invaluable. The docs and other scientists who work for WHO provide plenty of expertise, guidance and counsel for the rest of the world to heed.

It also provides all manner of research for possible cures for diseases such as the one that’s killing Americans and other human beings every hour of every day.

So … with a pandemic still raging, the president of the United States wants to strip WHO clean? Idiotic.

It’s because POTUS is a liar

I’m over here, Kaylee McEnany. Call on me! I can answer your question about why the media don’t take Donald Trump “at his word.”

The White House press secretary just can’t fathom the distrust that so many Americans have built up over her boss’s inability to tell the truth. Why, I never …

He said he is taking hydroxychloroquine, the unproven drug that many doctors and other scientists say poses risks during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us reacted with extreme skepticism about Trump’s declaration. Why is that? It’s simple, Kaylee.

The man can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it — and I intend to use that phrase in this context because the drug he says he’s taking well might put his life in some jeopardy. As the docs have warned him.

McEnany said: “The reason is the president of the United States said it, and if it were any other president … the media would take him at his word.”

Well, duh! Again, young lady, it’s simply a matter of the trust that Trump has squandered through his torrent of lies. The dude can’t tell the truth about big things, little things, issues that matter and those that don’t matter a bit.

I am one of those Americans who doesn’t believe a single thing that he says. Nothing, kid. Zero.

So, stop making foolish assumptions about the POTUS.

The man is a liar.

Decisions made in ‘living rooms’

Leave it to David Brooks, one of the smarter pundits around, to put a lot of matters into perspective as we battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Brooks, who writes a column for The New York Times and is a “conservative” half of the commentary tandem with Mark Shields on PBS’s “NewsHour,” said the decisions being made in state capitols and in Washington don’t matter all that much.

These decisions about whether to join the “reopening” of the economy nationally, he said, are being made “in living rooms” across the nation.

Boy howdy, Dave.

That’s the case in our home out there in the middle of Trump Country. My wife and I essentially are blowing off the “advice” coming from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who continues to relax the restrictions he imposed in March as the pandemic began killing people around the world.

We aren’t eating in restaurants; we aren’t yet returning to the gym; we are leery about returning to church; we’re continuing to wear masks; we continue to wash surfaces we touch when we venture beyond our home; we certainly are keeping an appropriate “social distancing” level.

Do we like living this way? Of course not! We do, though, like the good health we enjoy and we intend to keep enjoying it for as long as is humanly possible.

Yes, we made these decisions in our living room.