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Christmas spirit found in Nativity Scene


Of course a Nativity Scene at this time of year is going to fill one with the spirit of this holy season.

But consider what some staffers at the Children’s Home right here in Amarillo discovered. Someone phoned the Children’s Home office and told the office staff to go outside and look under the “baby Jesus” laying in the scene on the home grounds.

So … they did. The staff discovered a $50,000 check given by someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Is there a better example to be found to take note of this holiday?

My wife and I have spent some time with the children who live at the home. As Darrin Murphy, who runs the Children’s Home, told Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson, the children “come from tough backgrounds.” Brother, do they ever.

We have heard stories from the kids themselves about unspeakable brutalization at home. I won’t go into detail here, but suffice to say that many of these children endure hardships we wouldn’t wish on any human being.

Whoever the donor is recognizes the terrible circumstances these children have endured, Murphy said to Carlson.

This, indeed, very much is the season of giving. Someone out there has taken the giving spirit to heart … and it must be an immense heart at that.

The Children’s Home has just been brightened by a donor moved to help children who’ve lived through untold hardship.

All I’m left to say simply is: Wow!