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Vick has paid his debt to society — in full!

It’s interesting to me how some people’s transgressions never get forgiven, the transgressor never repays his debt to society in the eyes of those he has angered.

Stand up, Michael Vick. I’m talking about you.

The Atlanta Falcons pro football franchise wants to honor several of its former stars during the Falcons’ final regular-season game this weekend. More than a few fans, though, don’t think Vick — once a standout quarterback for the team — should be among the honorees.

My own view? The guy has paid his debt. Let him take his bow.

Vick pleaded guilty to animal abuse when he was involved in a dog-fighting ring. He served nearly two years in a federal prison, got out and tried to resume his playing career.

Last I heard, Vick had cleaned up his act, changed his lifestyle and has apologized profusely for what he did to the animals he abused.


Shouldn’t there be at least some redemption in all of that? Shouldn’t the fans accept Vick’s apology and acknowledge that he paid his debt through that prison term?

Vick wants to retire from the NFL as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. He said this, according to the Sporting News: “With the city, the respect and the love was all there. It was genuine. When I think about my career and what I’m identified with, it is the Atlanta Falcons,” he said. “Maybe there are some conversations that need to be had. I look forward to it because that’s what’s dear in my heart. I’m just being honest and candid.”

I believe some of those “conversations” need to take place among the unforgiving fans.

Eagles receiver steps in it … big time

I don’t profess to know the names of every prominent professional football player in America. To be honest, I didn’t know the name “Riley Cooper” until last night, when I heard about his racist rant that has gotten him into some serious trouble with other football players.

Cooper was attending a Kenny Chesney concert and said something about being willing to fight every African-American in the place … only he used the “n-word” while issuing the challenge.


Cooper has apologized to every human being on the planet for his hideous rant. He has drawn some fascinating reactions as well from his Philadelphia Eagles teammates, as well as his coaches and the team owner. Cooper’s been fined substantially. Some his fellow Eagles have accepted his apology, while others need some time, I reckon.

The most interesting reaction, of course, came from Philly quarterback Michael Vick, who throws passes to Cooper.

Vick, who is black, spoke carefully about Cooper’s remarks. He mentioned something about how everyone “makes mistakes.” He should know. Vick got caught up in a dog-fighting scandal some years ago and spent time in jail for animal cruelty. His case drew tremendous notoriety and, by many accounts, Vick has come out of that crisis a changed man.

So it was with a great deal of care that he spoke of the mess Cooper has created for himself. Vick’s brother, Marcus, wasn’t so charitable. Marcus, who played a single game for the Miami Dolphins in 2006, has said he’d pay a bounty to any defense player who takes Cooper out. Someone should remind brother Marcus of the danger of that kind of behavior. Some players and coaches in New Orleans have gotten into trouble for that very thing.

Let’s all stay tuned. This tempest isn’t going to settle down any time soon.