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Which is worse, the Iran deal or the N. Korea non-deal?

Donald J. Trump campaigned for the U.S. presidency vowing to toss aside the Iranian nuclear arms deal brokered by the Obama administration.

He did what he promised to do. We’re now out of the deal, even though our partner nations remain committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

So, what does the president do? He goes to Singapore, meets with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un, declares the North Korean nuclear threat to be over after supposedly extracting a pledge to “denuclearize” the Korean Peninsula.

Except that Kim Jong Un didn’t agree to what Trump said he did. Now we hear that Kim is accelerating his nuclear weapon development.

Oh, and the Iran deal actually resulted in the Iranians getting rid of fissile material it could have used to build a nuclear bomb.

All of this comes from the guy who pledged to make the “best deals” in the history of humankind. He promised to end the “disastrous” deals worked out by President Barack Obama’s team in conjunction with our allies.

However, he didn’t get any kind of deal from Kim Jong Un.

Now he’s headed to Helsinki, Finland, where he’ll meet one-on-one — sans national security aides — with Russian strongman/former KGB boss Vladimir Putin.

What in the world can go wrong with that meeting?

Regrettable = productive?

One man’s “regrettable” must be another man’s “productive.”

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un described his talks with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “regrettable.”

Oh, but Pompeo had earlier called the talks “productive.”

Pompeo has traveled to Pyongyang to visit with North Korea’s “Dear Liar” after word leaked out that Kim Jong Un was secretly building up his nuclear weapons program after promising to “work toward” getting rid of it.

Are we careening back to Square One with North Korea and its tyrannical leader, the guy Donald J. Trump Sr. described as trustworthy, a “strong leader” and someone who “loves” the people he allows to starve to death while he builds up his military machine?

My only conclusion from afar is that one side’s definition of “productive” is seen as “regrettable” by the other side.


Will Putin follow Kim’s lead in dealing with POTUS?

Kim Jong Un appears to have deceived the president of the United States. He pledged to “work toward” ending his nuclear weapons program, only to be revealed to have accelerated nuclear development at secret sites in North Korea.

Donald J. Trump is getting set to meet with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. They will meet one on one. Putin has met with four previous U.S. presidents at these high level summits; Trump is a rookie at it.

How are supposed to have faith that the president is going to fare any better with Putin than he did with Kim Jong Un?

I have zero faith. No surprise there, right?

Kim snookered Trump, or so it appears. Pure and simple. The president was waylaid by the young despot, who seemed to tell Trump what he wanted to hear — only to reveal his true character, if you want to call what he exhibits any form of “character.”

The New York Times’s David Sanger has written a fascinating piece on how Trump evolved from “fire and fury” to dismissing the North Korean threats. Read it here.

Kim went from Little Rocket Man to a man of peace, a man to be trusted, a “strong leader,” someone who “loves his people” who love him in return.

Trump hasn’t made such an about-face with Putin. He continues to talk about the Russian president in much the same manner he always has talked about him. Even in light of the Russian meddling in our 2016 presidential election!

This is a frightening time, man!

I’m frightened for the United States. I love my country too much to sit still while the president continues to get handed his head by foreign leaders.

What about those nuke sites, Mr. President?

The question of the day for Donald John Trump Sr. is this: Do you still believe Kim Jong Un is to be trusted after he promised to “work toward” ending his nuclear weapons ambitions?

Those darn satellite surveillance pictures generally don’t lie. They are revealing that the North Koreans are accelerating their nuclear weapons development, not scaling them back as Kim supposedly promised when he and Trump met in Singapore.

Trump came out of that meeting singing the praises of the guy he once disparaged as Little Rocket Man. He sounded so trusting of the guy, kind of like the way he sounds when talking about Russian strongman/president Vladimir Putin.

One doesn’t “make America great again” by being made to look like a fool on the world stage, Mr. President.

Kim might be lying about nukes? No-o-o!

News reports of the past day or two tell us that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been, um, lying about his pledge to work toward getting rid of his nuclear arsenal.

Donald J. Trump had that meeting with Kim this past month and praised the former Little Rocket Man with heaping praise about his honesty, trustworthiness and commitment to peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Now there’s possible word that Kim has been accelerating nuclear testing at secret sites. He isn’t winding ’em down!

Could it be that Little Rocket Man has taken POTUS for a joy ride aboard a nuclear-armed clown car?

Hey, I’m not making light of this. The president’s assurances about Kim’s commitment to peace needed a lot more “extreme vetting” before he offered them to the rest of the world.


Is he lying or just unaware?

Vox.com, an online news and commentary service, has suggested that Donald J. Trump told another whopper when he said North Korea has committed to “denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

Vox.com calls the president a liar on that one. Imagine that.

I’m going to give Trump a bit of the benefit of the doubt on that one. I don’t believe he knows what he and Kim Jong Un agreed to when they met earlier month in Singapore. Thus, he might not be lying purposefully; he is ignorant of the agreement.

Here is what Vox.com reported: Well, here’s what the joint agreement says on that: “Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” It shortly afterward adds a vital caveat: “[T]he DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

That is not the same as Kim agreeing to “a total denuclearization of North Korea.” Not at all. Not even close.

It’s seriously egregious for the president to deliberately deceive us on a statement that carries such an enormous impact on the prospect for world peace.

It also is damn grim if the president simply doesn’t understand, or grasp, or comprehend what he and a fellow head of state agreed on.

Yet there was the president at that rally this week in Duluth, Minn., declaring that he and Kim Jong Un have reached an agreement to remove the nukes from North Korea’s weapons arsenal. The crowd at the rally offered throaty cheers and an “atta boy!” at the president. Except that he didn’t tell them the truth.

Vox.com points out correctly that the two men didn’t get anywhere the finish line when they parted company in Singapore.

Donald Trump, as many of us have noted repeatedly since he became president, doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.

Again, it’s worth asking: Why suck up to this brute?

Donald John Trump continues to confound reasonable human beings with his ridiculous — yes, worthy of ridicule — notion that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is worthy of any praise at all.

The president went over the top, around the bend and through the wall with his suggestion that Kim Jong Un is a “strong leader.”

Mr. President, your newest BFF is far more than that. He is a brute. He is a killer. He is a murderous tyrant with whom the United States is seeking to do business.

The president’s quicky summit in Singapore this past week with Kim produced a few vague promises. I was initially hopeful that it might lead to a productive conclusion — a Korean War peace treaty and the eventual de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. You can now put me in the camp of the doubters.

We demanded next to nothing of Kim Jong Un, who in return got a promise from Trump that U.S.-South Korean “war games” would end. Why? Because they are “provocative.” Good grief, dude! What’s more, he issued the order without consulting with South Korean military leaders — or even his own Joint Chiefs of Staff!

Instead, we are hearing some weird commentary from the president of the United States about how Kim Jong Un commands the “love” of his people and how he “loves” them in return.

There is no love being shown officially north of the 38th Parallel, Mr. President. Instead, we are seeing fear, terror and abject brutality that many observers say is the worst of any experienced anywhere on Earth.

Kim Jong Un has merely continued the regimen of horror began by his grandfather and continued by his father, from whom he inherited his role of Dear Leader upon Kim Jong Il’s death.

Kim Jong Un has ordered the deaths of members of his own family!

This is the guy upon whom the president is heaping praise.


Lame ducks find their voices

Bob Corker’s lame duck status has enabled him to find the guts to say what he ought to have said all along.

The Tennessee Republican is leaving the U.S. Senate at the end of the year. He hadn’t been overly candid about Donald J. Trump until just before he announced his decision to call it a career.

Now, though, he’s talking about what he perceives to be a “cult” developing with his political party. The cult is devoted blindly, according to Corker, to the president who has seized the party by the throat, has throttled it and has bullied intraparty foes incessantly.

Corker isn’t alone among Republicans who have discovered their courage in the waning months of their political career. He joins Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who has finally — finally! — called out the president by name for the manner he has chosen to govern the nation.

I fear that Corker’s cult description is far more accurate than even he would prefer. Cult leaders traditionally imbue their “followers” with fear over political retribution if they cross the man/woman at the top of the pecking order.

That just might explain the Republican reluctance to challenge the continual stream of lies and assorted nonsense that fly out of Trump’s mouth. Indeed, the president’s lying mouth has kicked into overdrive since his summit with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean despot who gave up virtually nothing but got a ton of concessions from the president who proclaims himself to be a “great negotiator.”

Why don’t they call the president out for his effusive praise of Kim, the tyrant who murders his foes, his family members, starves his fellow Koreans and threatens the world with nuclear annihilation? He has broken previous promises and kept his people in the dark — quite literally — while he lives in relative opulence.

Is it that cult thing to which Sen. Corker has referred? If only more members of his party would speak as candidly and honestly about what is happening within the halls of power.

‘I want my people to do the same’

Donald J. Trump’s joke telling needs work. Lots of work.

The president went on Fox News this morning and made some goofy remark about how people sit up straight at attention whenever North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un speaks. “I want my people to do the same,” he said.

I couldn’t stop laughing out loud when I heard him say it. Actually, I didn’t laugh at all.

Where do we begin? For starters, Trump likely doesn’t expect everyone around him to sit up straight whenever he speaks.

Or does he?

Trump said he was joking. He said he doesn’t really want that to happen. However, the idea that he would make such a “joking” remark begs the question: Why would a president of the United States — leader of the free world — want to joke about the world’s most murderous dictator?

Kim Jong Un hasn’t “earned” the adoration of his subjects. He demands that they demonstrate it openly. Kim’s subjects do what they’re told under threat of imprisonment or worse.

This is the guy who’s been receiving bucketloads of rhetorical love from the individual who used to sneer at him, hanging epithets like “Little Rocket Man” on the brutal despot.

Donald Trump has been spiraling out of control since returning from that Singapore summit. He has lied profusely and has made declarations that have many of us slapping our foreheads in utter disbelief … not just that he’s making these preposterous statements, but that he got elected president of the United States.


Trump tosses truth into the crapper

Donald John “Liar in Chief” Trump’s disdain for the truth has taken an amazing new turn — if that is possible.

He came out of his summit with North Korean dictator/despot Kim Jong Un and declared how “thousands” of parents of missing Korean War veterans begged him to get their remains returned to the United States for proper burial.

The president then said it again today in an extraordinary — and bizarre — media “availability” at the White House.

Let’s back it up a bit, shall we?

The Korean War ceasefire took effect in 1953. That was 65 years ago. A warrior who was lost at the very end of the Korean War might be, oh, 83 to 85 years of age today, if not older. His parents? Let’s see, they would be at minimum 100 years of age, presuming Mom gave birth to her son when she was around 18 years old.

The likelihood is that these parents of missing Korean War vets who begged Donald Trump to do something about their sons’  remains would be much older. Maybe about 120 years of age.

Thus, for the president to say that “thousands” of these parents came to the presidential candidate — who then became president — to seek the return of their remains is an … outright, bald-faced lie.

He is lying in a manner few of us have ever seen in a public official, let alone in the president of the United States.

I gave up a while ago griping about Donald Trump’s penchant for tweeting policy statements. I cannot let pass this individual’s continuing to lie directly to the people he was elected to serve.