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POTUS decides correctly to ground those jetliners

I’ve been thinking the past 24 hours about whether I would fly aboard a Boeing 737 MAX 8.

I would not.

One of those high-powered, high-tech jetliners went down in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board. The tragedy forced much of the world to put the jets in service on the ground.

Today, Donald J. Trump joined them, announcing that the jets in service would take passengers to their destinations and then they would be sent to their hangars until further notice.

It’s the correct call.

Working with the Federal Aviation Administration, the president made the announcement and determined that there needs to be a full accounting for this crash, which mirrors a similar tragic accident that occurred just a few weeks ago.

Is there something wrong with the jet? Is there a flaw in its flight rigging, or its computer-guided system?

Ethiopian Airlines reportedly is a first-class air carrier. Its crews are competent. Thus, it appears that pilot error is unlikely as the cause for this tragedy.

I am not flying anywhere anytime soon. All I can declare at this moment is that if I were booked on one of those 737 jets, I would insist on getting on another type of aircraft.

Let’s learn the cause of this aviation tragedy.