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How about an independent probe into Epstein death?

Jeffrey Epstein was under the “watchful eye” of the U.S. Department of Justice. He was being held in a Manhattan jail cell. He was arguably the most notorious criminal in federal custody, a guy who needed the DOJ’s relentless and unblinking attention.

Then he hangs himself. The DOJ is denied the opportunity to put a known pedophile on trial for allegations of sex trafficking underage girls.

The multimillionaire also had two high-profile relationships, with Bill Clinton and Donald Trump … a former and current president of the United States.

Now we hear from Attorney General William Barr blasting to smithereens the security detail at the Manhattan jail. He has called Epstein’s death a monumental failure.

Really, Mr. AG? Well, who is responsible for that failure? I contend that the AG himself is to blame. This happened on Barr’s watch.

The medical examiner has reportedly determined Epstein’s cause of death. There appears to be no evidence of “foul play,” or so we’re led to believe. I won’t join conspiracy theorists who have ideas and notions aplenty about what happened to Epstein.

However, does the DOJ investigate itself? Does the Justice Department look deeply into this a**hole’s death?

I don’t know how the DOJ does that. Nor do I accept that the department can peel away all the layers to expose the truth behind what happened to this guy.

Epstein was put on suicide watch in late July after he was found unconscious in his cell; he reportedly had ligature marks on his neck, suggesting an attempt at hanging himself. Then they removed the suicide watch. Then we hear that the security staff was overworked and didn’t keep an eye on this bastard at all times, allowing him to string himself up inside the jail cell.

That sounds like incompetence. I believe the incompetence goes far beyond the walls of that correctional facility.

Attorney General Barr needs to step aside. He needs to find an independent investigator to take over and determine how such a high-value, high-profile and infamous prisoner can kill himself while he’s in the hands of a federal agency charged with keeping him alive while his notorious case works its way toward adjudication.

POTUS wants to ‘investigate everything’? Really?

Kellyanne Conway might be the worst liar since, oh, perhaps Donald John Trump.

The president’s senior policy adviser made some talk show appearances today and got asked about Trump’s decision to retweet that ghastly rumor that Bill and/or Hillary Clinton had a hand in killing financier Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly hanged himself in that Manhattan jail cell; Epstein was awaiting trial on charges that he engaged in sex trafficking of young girls.

Conway said the president merely wants to “investigate everything” in connection with the death of his former friend, Epstein — who also happened to be pals at one time with the former president, Bill Clinton.

So, Conway would have us believe that to further the search for the whole truth he chose to defame the former president and perhaps his wife — who happened to be Trump’s 2016 presidential election opponent — by spreading that ghastly rumor of alleged complicity in the death of Epstein.

Who in the world does Conway think she’s talking to? I mean, does she think all Americans are rubes and blind loyalists like so many of those who comprise the president’s fervent “base” of voters?

Let me give you my spin on it.

Donald Trump deals in innuendo. He doesn’t possess the necessary inquisitiveness that seeks the truth into anything. He has traded for longer than he has been in political life on stabbing others in the back.

Was he looking for the truth when he suggested that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father might have been complicit in President Kennedy’s murder? Or when he fomented the lie that Barack Obama was not constitutionally qualified to run for president of the United States?

This individual is a liar and a fraud. He has surrounded himself with fellow liars and frauds. That includes Kellyanne Conway.

Conspiracy theories live forever and ever

They will never die. Not ever. They will live far beyond all of our time on Earth. They’ll outlive my sons’ time, too.

What are “they”? Conspiracy theories! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Jeffrey Epstein’s death in the Manhattan, New York City jail cell has spawned ’em by the dozens. Already! You see, Epstein was supposed to stand trial after he pleaded not guilty to charges that he peddled young girls for sex.

Epstein had some high-powered friends. Two of them became “former friends” for reasons that aren’t exactly clear. Their names are Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Now that Epstein is dead, the conspiracists have developed some hideous notions that Clinton might have been involved in killing him. Others have suggested Trump played a role in murdering Epstein.

These theories are going to take root. Their roots will run deep.

We’ve had our share of eternal conspiracy theories.

  • President Kennedy’s murder in Dallas couldn’t possibly have been committed by a lone rifleman.
  •  The 9/11 terrorist attacks were the work of those within the George W. Bush administration looking for reasons to go to war.
  •  President Barack Obama was born in Africa and was not qualified to run for the office to which he was elected twice.
  •  Those pictures from the moon’s surface were shot in a studio somewhere on Earth.
  •  Good grief, there are those who have suggested that President Roosevelt goaded the Japanese into attacking us at Pearl Harbor.

And so they have gone. They’ll go on forever.

Indeed, conspiracy theories already exist involving former President Clinton. They involve bogus allegations of people with dirt on the president and his wife ending up dead. Indeed, those phony rumors are thought to be the source of the latest defamatory rumors surrounding the death of the miserable pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Are there questions that need answering? Surely, yes.

However, I believe I can predict today that no matter how thorough the explanation, or how much evidence they produce to back whatever conclusions they draw about Epstein’s death, there will be those who will purport to disbelieve what they see and hear.

They will trade on conspiracy theories. What’s worse is that there will be those who are willing to take the bait.


Running out of ways to describe POTUS’s behavior

It’s more or less official: I have run out of words to describe the depths of despicability with which to refer to Donald J. Trump’s behavior.

His one-time pal Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in federal custody in a Manhattan jail cell over the weekend. The president then decided to retweet something posted by someone else that suggests that Bill and Hillary Clinton orchestrated Epstein’s murder.

Yep. That has come from the president of the United States.

Epstein was facing justice over an accusation that he engaged in human trafficking of underage girls, reportedly for sexual purposes. He used to be friends with Trump … and with Bill Clinton.

The president of the United States has decided — yet again! — to abuse a social media outlet to spew filth. He has done this in an unfathomable number of times over the years.

Without a scintilla of evidence, he has chosen to implicate by retweeting someone else’s message that a former president of the United States might have committed a terrible crime.

This isn’t just disgraceful. Or despicable. Or distasteful.

It is dangerous behavior!

This is how you “make America great again”? This is how “tell it like it is”? This is how you “put America first”?


Trump takes despicable behavior even lower … honestly!

I thought maybe I was reading a joke. Or something from The Onion, the satirical “newspaper” that prints spoofs in such a believable fashion.

But no-o-o-o. It was real.

Jeffrey Epstein, the accused sex trafficker, died in a Manhattan jail. The former pal of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump supposedly hanged himself.

So, what does the president of the United States do? He retweets a bizarre notion that the former president and his wife, former U.S. senator and secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, are complicit in Epstein’s death.

I am going to presume a couple of things might be in play. One is that Trump actually believes it. Another is that he is so filled with hatred for Hillary and Bill Clinton that he would smear them in this manner. Still another is that POTUS might have some sort of political death wish. OK, the last thing is the least likely.

Hatred runs deep

I am inclined to think that Donald Trump hates the Clintons to a degree that he would do anything on Earth to defame them.

For the president to do what’s been reported is about as despicable an act I can imagine.

This man has no shame. Or decency.

The conspiracy theories have started … already!

Jeffrey Epstein’s corpse likely isn’t even all that cold just yet and already social media are crackling with conspiracy notions of how he died, why he died, who made it happen … along with all manner of nefarious motives.

Epstein was the accused human trafficker who peddled underage girls reportedly as sex slaves. He was pals with people in high places, most notably Donald J. Trump and William J. Clinton, the current and former president of the United States of America.

What is admittedly bizarre about Epstein’s death is the manner he supposedly was taken off suicide watch. He reportedly tried to hang himself in the Manhattan jail where he was being held. Corrections officers found him unconscious; he had marks on his neck suggesting he tried to string himself up. The jail put slapped a suicide watch on him. Then they supposedly lifted it.

That begs the question: Why do you remove the suicide watch on an inmate you believe tried to kill himself in your custody?

My maximum distaste for conspiracy theories has nothing to do with what we need to know in this moment. Yes, I want answers. I want to know how this a**hole was able to hang himself in the presence of corrections official who were tasked with keeping this high-profile suspect alive long enough for his case to be determined.

I want those answers delivered in a timely fashion. It would seem to be within easy grasp of those in charge of the Manhattan jail that was housing Epstein.

What I don’t want to hear are those crackpots out here way beyond the perimeter who think they know what happen and will concoct any harebrained scenario they can think of just to keep the pot stirred. I detest, for instance, those theorists who think they know what happened to JFK in Dallas in November 1963.

I will agree wholeheartedly that there are a lot of questions to be answered. The presence of a president and a former president in this guy’s sphere of friends and acquaintances makes this case extraordinary on its face. There likely were a lot of high-powered individuals with a lot to lose were this guy to go to trial.

Let’s find out what happened to this dude.

Here come the Epstein conspiracy theories

If I were a betting man I might be willing to wager a lot of real American money on the prospect of conspiracy theories exploding all over the place in connection with the weird death of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The former friend of presidents and assorted high rollers was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell this morning. He had been on suicide watch, which supposedly would have made a suicide a virtual impossibility. The lockup took him off the suicide watch, reportedly.

And then he hanged himself. Poof! Just like that the guy allegedly with tons of secrets about what he did with whom was gone. Forever. He’s deader’n a doornail.

Can’t you just imagine now how the conspiracy theories can develop?

I mean, he was friends with Bill Clinton and Donald J. Trump. He was worth many millions of dollars. He had been convicted already of a sex charge involving underage girls in Florida. The alleged prosecution of that case cost Labor Secretary Alex Acosta — who was a federal prosecutor in Florida when Epstein got caught — his job in the Trump administration.

As for former President Clinton, let’s just say he’s a conspiracy/scandal magnet. He’s been vilified amid myriad phony conspiracies dating back to when he was governor of Arkansas. Why stop concocting goofy conspiracies now?

Yep, there can be little doubt that the so-called theories are going to start flying. Who knows? They might rival the John F. Kennedy assassination, moon landing and Jimmy Hoffa conspiracies in their longevity.

Frankly, these theories sicken me.

I do, though, want answers on just how this low-life managed to kill himself while in the custody of law enforcement and corrections officials whose job was to ensure Jeffrey Epstein lived long enough to have this case adjudicated one way or another.

Talk to us. Now!

How in the world did this guy ‘off’ himself?

Well now. Allow me to offer this initial reaction to news that an accused sex trafficker killed himself in a New York jail cell.

W. T. F.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill pervert who hanged himself. He was worth many millions of dollars. He claimed to be friends with at least two highly visible politicians: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Jeffrey Epstein had been convicted already of sex crimes in Florida. He stood accused of running a sex trafficking ring involving underage girls. He was a bad dude, man.

But here’s where this story breaks down for me. He was on suicide watch. Authorities found him July 23 lying in his cell; he was unresponsive; he reportedly had what looked like robe burns on his neck. The revived him and slapped the suicide watch on him.

Now, I am no expert on how you handle these matters, but I have just a hint of experience at it.

For six months after I left daily journalism in 2012, I worked part-time as a juvenile supervision officer at the Randall County Youth Center of the High Plains. The facility incarcerates youngsters accused of various crimes. Some of them need special attention. Those with suicidal tendencies, for instance, need real special attention.

When a kid was deemed a threat to himself or herself, the YCHP would require security officers — such as me — to keep eyes on the kid at all times. We had to check on them constantly. The lights were never turned off in their cell. They couldn’t do anything within the confines of the room without someone watching them.

My question is this: How did Jeffrey Epstein hang himself while under the supposedly keen eyes of security officials who were supposed to prevent such a thing from occurring?

Obviously, there won’t be a trial. Epstein has taken whatever secrets he had with him to somewhere in the great beyond.

I am not mourning this guy’s death. However, I would like an explanation from the lockup hierarchy on how this monster managed to off himself in plain sight.


Acosta hits the road, leaving another Cabinet agency dark

Donald J. Trump’s fine-tuned machine has thrown another rod, busted another piston, blown another tire … whatever.

Alex Acosta has resigned as labor secretary amid growing calls for his removal from the Cabinet post. It appears that when he was a federal prosecutor in south Florida, he worked out a sweetheart deal with alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend of Trump and of Bill Clinton.

Epstein got into trouble a few years ago and Acosta worked out some kind of deal that kept Epstein out of the slammer.

It didn’t turn out well. Epstein now faces additional charges relating to allegations that he had sex with underage girls and allegedly recruited them to have sex with other individuals.

Acosta sought to defend himself Thursday. He didn’t do a good job of it, as he obfuscated his way around questions relating to the Epstein deal. He did say that he and the president have a “great” relationship.

Critics weren’t convinced. None other than Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, who works for a Trump-friendly news outlet, predicted that Acosta wouldn’t last through the weekend. He was right.

The sleaze factor keeps worsening around the president. Epstein appears to be a bad dude, although Trump has reportedly called him a great guy.

Now we have another Cabinet secretary’s office going dark. How long will it take for Trump to find a permanent individual to run the Labor Department? Or will this one fall into the hands of another “acting” Cabinet boss?

Moreover, I also believe this shouldn’t signal the end of Acosta’s public role in this mess. He needs to sit before a congressional panel and answer questions about why he allowed a deal that kept Epstein out of the slammer in the first place.

If it smells as if something is rotten, there likely is something rotten.

The chaos is driving me nuts

The chaos surrounding the president of the United States is relentless.

It is incessant. It is bottomless. It is infinite. It is the way Donald Trump governs. It is driving me out of my mind.

A British diplomat reportedly said in leaked documents that Trump is “incompetent” and “inept.” The diplomat, Sir Kim Darroch, the UK’s ambassador to Washington, resigned, but not before Trump leveled a barrage of Twitter messages, calling him “stupid” and assorted other epithets.

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has been caught up in a sex scandal involving financier and Trump/Bill Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta sought to defend the kid-glove treatment he gave to Epstein when he was a federal prosecutor in Florida.

Trump can’t — or won’t — fill key Cabinet posts and still, after several months, hasn’t yet appointed a permanent White House chief of staff.

I don’t know about you but the chaos that continues to take huge bites out of Trump’s routine simply cannot lend any sense of comfort to anyone.

Trump threatens mass deportation of illegal immigrants, then backs off. He threatens to impose stiff tariffs on imported goods, and backs off of that, too. He formulates foreign policy via Twitter to the astonishment of his key aides.

Oh, and he lies through his teeth — about everything. The Trumpkins out there don’t care about that.

I am left yearning for a president of the United States who can govern with a working knowledge of how government works. I want my president to be above board. I want him or her to be competent.

I am sick of the chaos.