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Acosta hits the road, leaving another Cabinet agency dark

Donald J. Trump’s fine-tuned machine has thrown another rod, busted another piston, blown another tire … whatever.

Alex Acosta has resigned as labor secretary amid growing calls for his removal from the Cabinet post. It appears that when he was a federal prosecutor in south Florida, he worked out a sweetheart deal with alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend of Trump and of Bill Clinton.

Epstein got into trouble a few years ago and Acosta worked out some kind of deal that kept Epstein out of the slammer.

It didn’t turn out well. Epstein now faces additional charges relating to allegations that he had sex with underage girls and allegedly recruited them to have sex with other individuals.

Acosta sought to defend himself Thursday. He didn’t do a good job of it, as he obfuscated his way around questions relating to the Epstein deal. He did say that he and the president have a “great” relationship.

Critics weren’t convinced. None other than Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, who works for a Trump-friendly news outlet, predicted that Acosta wouldn’t last through the weekend. He was right.

The sleaze factor keeps worsening around the president. Epstein appears to be a bad dude, although Trump has reportedly called him a great guy.

Now we have another Cabinet secretary’s office going dark. How long will it take for Trump to find a permanent individual to run the Labor Department? Or will this one fall into the hands of another “acting” Cabinet boss?

Moreover, I also believe this shouldn’t signal the end of Acosta’s public role in this mess. He needs to sit before a congressional panel and answer questions about why he allowed a deal that kept Epstein out of the slammer in the first place.

If it smells as if something is rotten, there likely is something rotten.

The chaos is driving me nuts

The chaos surrounding the president of the United States is relentless.

It is incessant. It is bottomless. It is infinite. It is the way Donald Trump governs. It is driving me out of my mind.

A British diplomat reportedly said in leaked documents that Trump is “incompetent” and “inept.” The diplomat, Sir Kim Darroch, the UK’s ambassador to Washington, resigned, but not before Trump leveled a barrage of Twitter messages, calling him “stupid” and assorted other epithets.

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has been caught up in a sex scandal involving financier and Trump/Bill Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta sought to defend the kid-glove treatment he gave to Epstein when he was a federal prosecutor in Florida.

Trump can’t — or won’t — fill key Cabinet posts and still, after several months, hasn’t yet appointed a permanent White House chief of staff.

I don’t know about you but the chaos that continues to take huge bites out of Trump’s routine simply cannot lend any sense of comfort to anyone.

Trump threatens mass deportation of illegal immigrants, then backs off. He threatens to impose stiff tariffs on imported goods, and backs off of that, too. He formulates foreign policy via Twitter to the astonishment of his key aides.

Oh, and he lies through his teeth — about everything. The Trumpkins out there don’t care about that.

I am left yearning for a president of the United States who can govern with a working knowledge of how government works. I want my president to be above board. I want him or her to be competent.

I am sick of the chaos.

Trump and this guy are pals? What the … ?

What in the world is going on here?

Jeffrey Epstein, a New York financier, socialite and mega-rich guy has been charged with sex trafficking involving underage girls. The charges stem reportedly from a decade-old case.

Now we hear that one of Epstein’s BFFs, a fellow named Donald Trump, has yammered about what a “great guy” Epstein is and how Epstein likes the company of beautiful women, some of whom are, um, a good bit younger.

These are federal charges which — if you’re following the news over the past year or so — means that the president of the United States could actually pardon this guy of the crimes for which he has been charged. Of course, I refer to the president being the same Donald Trump who talked about Epstein being such a great guy.

It’s fair as well to wonder: Is there a connection of any kind between this individual’s alleged misconduct with girls and the president of the United States who’s been charged with assorted allegations of sexual assault?

Oh, I almost forgot. We have the matter involving a former Florida federal prosecutor who didn’t file charges against Epstein when they first surfaced. That ex-legal eagle is now Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. It’s a tangled web, indeed … yes?

I just had to ask.

This Epstein matter has the potential of growing some serious legs, if you know what I mean.