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Extending our greetings during this time of ‘isolation’

Maybe it’s just me, but I am wondering if others are doing the same thing.

My wife and I venture out of the house sparingly these days, now that we’re told we should stay at home while we wage war against the coronavirus. When we stroll through our neighborhood with Toby the Puppy I find myself waving at those walking across the street. I even will engage them in some small talk.

I didn’t used to do that. Oh, I often have waved at motorists who drive by while we walk with our puppy. This newly discovered habit of talking across the street with folks who live somewhere near us, but who are individuals we don’t know, clearly seems to be a function of this togetherness we keep hearing about.

We’re “in this together” has become a sort of mantra. I see it on billboards along U.S. Highway 380, the main drag that cuts through Princeton, Texas. TV networks and companies that advertise on TV tell us the same thing. Hey, I get it. I cannot hear enough of the messages that seek to buck up our spirits as we seek to power through the worldwide pandemic.

It’s just kind of pleasantly strange to find a way to engage strangers in a little harmless chatter as we go about doing whatever it is we do to pass the time away.

I have this hunch they feel the same way as I do. There’s nothing wrong at all with sharing a little fellowship in this very trying time.