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It’s Sixth ‘Avenue,’ not Sixth ‘Street’

AMARILLO, Texas — My wife, son and I spent some time this afternoon strolling along Historic Route 66, which was decked out with displays, booths, food vendors and classic cars.

We had a good time looking at displays and catching up with old friends.

OK, now for the nit-picking part of this blog.

I want to clear the air on the thoroughfare that is known as Historic Route 66. It happens to be Sixth Avenue.

And yet … I keep hearing locals refer to it as Sixth Street.

I keep asking myself, um … why?

Does “Sixth Street” roll off the tongue more smoothly? Does it sound cooler than “Sixth Avenue,” which is how the city has platted the thoroughfare.

I don’t mean to be a griper. I just want to set the record straight on the street that so many of my Amarillo friends misidentify with no apparent or outward knowledge of the right-of-way to which they are referring.

Hey, my wife and I don’t live here full time any longer.

Please don’t think ill of me. I’m just seeking a bit of home-town accuracy.

I will conclude with this: Sixth Avenue was packed and it looked to me like a lot of folks — a lot of whom likely came from some distance away — were having a wonderful time.

Even in this summer heat!