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GOP ticket: together for the first time


I watched tonight’s “60 Minutes” interview with Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

I was amazed — but not surprised — to hear how the Republican presidential nominee, Trump, often wouldn’t let his running mate get a word in edgewise.


The clips here perhaps illustrate my point.

What did surprise me was how ill-prepared Gov. Pence is to answer the questions that cut to, as Stahl said, “the daylight” that exists between the candidates on policy matters.

Leslie Stahl sought to pin Trump down on the differences the two men have on some key issues. Trade? Trump wouldn’t let Pence answer. For his part, Pence didn’t answer the question directly, either.

How about Trump’s penchant for insult? Pence is much more of a gentlemanly campaigner. He’s said he opposes negative campaigning, that candidates do better to sell their policies rather than denigrating the opponent.

He didn’t answer that question, either.

Perhaps the most awkward evasion came when Stahl asked Pence directly whether he believes — as Trump said some months ago — that Sen. John McCain is a “war hero” only because he got captured by the enemy during the Vietnam War.

Trump interrupted: “McCain is a nice guy.”

Pence never answered that one, either.

This, ladies and gents, is a political team that needs work.