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Where have you gone, Dr Pepper?

As the late Jimmy Durante might say, “What a revoltin’ development this is.”

Dr Pepper has been bought by Keurig. A longstanding Texas brand, therefore, is moving to Massachusetts.

What does it mean? What is happening to this serious Texas-brand soft drink, dubbed “the national drink of Texas”?

According to Texas Monthly, Dr Pepper will continue to headquarter in Texas, but its main office — where the top of the corporate chain of command operates — will move to the Bay State.

Here is how Texas Monthly reported the change: … As of Monday, a big piece of the Dr Pepper tradition is heading outside of the state: Keurig Green Mountain, the source of the K-Cup fad of the early/mid-2010’s, announced on Monday that they acquired Dr Pepper Snapple for $18.7 billion—which means that, while Dr Pepper’s HQ will likely remain in Texas, the corporate parent will be based out of Massachusetts.

Here is Texas Monthy’s story.

I am not a huge Dr Pepper drinker. One of my sons loves it. If he were to pick his soft drink of choice, it would be the Dr … and I won’t put a period after “Dr” because the brand doesn’t allow it. My wife prefers the diet version of the drink.

We have lived in Texas long enough — 35 years — to appreciate the drink’s impact on the state. We once toured the Dr Pepper museum in Waco, where the beverage was founded in 1885. Indeed, Baylor University has its Dr Pepper Hour each week.

But a Texas institution just won’t seem quite right once the corporate offices move way up yonder … to New England!

As a friend of mine — who happens to be a Baylor grad — noted on social media, them Yankees are likely to put a period after, um, “Dr.”