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What does Don King bring to the discussion?

I will concede that even presidents-elect are entitled to take some time off from preparing for office.

Donald J. Trump, though, isn’t your normal commander in chief-in-waiting. The guy knows nothing about government; damn little about policy; I truly¬†wonder if he has¬†laid eyes on the U.S. Constitution.

He ought to be spending, therefore, all his waking hours talking to serious experts about the task he is about to assume. He’s going to become president of the United States of America.

Who, then, is he palling around with in Florida? Don King, boxing promoter, convicted criminal, a flim-flam artist extraordinaire.

I cannot help but wonder: What in the name of all that is holy does Don King bring to the president-elect’s stable of experts?

Nothing, man!

Trump’s got just a few more days before he stands on the stage in front of the U.S. Capitol Building and takes a solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Get busy, Mr. President-elect, and learn about the job of governing the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

And yes, sir, we’re still the greatest nation on Earth.

And they talked about Barack Obama’s ‘pals’

What in the world was Don King doing at Donald J. Trump’s posh Florida resort/home?

Don’t you recall how Republicans vilified candidate Barack Obama in 2008 for the “rough crowd” he “palled around with”?

Don King? Let me think: He served prison time for killing someone; he was accused of bilking professional boxers out of millions of dollars in prize money while promoting their fights.

Is that right?

What in the world is the president-elect — who’s supposed to be spending his waking hours boning up on the myriad intricacies of governing the world’s greatest nation — doing in the presence of a clown such as Don King?

Just askin’, man.