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It’s no ‘hoax,’ Mr. POTUS

Joe Biden vows to restore our nation’s soul.

The presumed Democratic Party presidential nominee wants to lead the nation into a battle against the pandemic. I get it. I want him to take the reins of power soon.

His first order of business if he is able to assume the presidency in January is to wipe out the “h-word” from our political glossary of phony, fraudulent terms.

Donald Trump has called the pandemic a “hoax,” cooked up by Democrats, the “enemy of the people fake news” media. He refuses to enact a national strategy. He has sent myriad mixed messages, all of which do nothing but confuse governors, city and county officials, school administrators, and just plain folks like, um, you and me.

Trump’s initial response to the pandemic was to declare it would vanish like a “miracle.” The warm weather of the spring and summer would kill those nasty germs. Kill ’em dead.

Well, here we are, with 165,000 Americans gone forever. That number will climb and, so help me, we have no idea on Earth where it will top out.

Trump continues to boast about the job he and his response team are doing. Therein, I submit, lies the hoax. Trump’s so-called “success” is every bit the hoax.

Joe Biden promises to lead the nation. He vows to take charge. He promises to heed the science at every turn.

I am going to hold him to all of that. As you should, too. We all must demand that the new president deliver on this promise. The stakes for letting this status quo continue are too grim to even ponder.

The former VP wants to restore our national soul. I support that noble goal and want him to keep that promise.

The place to start is to eradicate the word “hoax” from the context of the grievous battle against a killer viral infection.

Does he care … at all?

I just learned that Texas state Sen. Kel Seliger of Amarillo has tested positive for COVID-19.

Seliger is the latest individual with whom I have a relationship to have tested positive. Other friends of mine in Amarillo have gone into quarantine because of positive test results. So have our niece, her husband and their two young daughters. One of our sons thought he would test positive after being exposed to a work colleague who had come down with the virus; it turned out to be a false alarm.

This is my way of making a couple of points.

One is that the virus lurks all around us, as well as around you. It gives any reasonable person pause, requiring us to ensure we follow all the recommended measures we need to take to keep exposure at a bare minimum.

The second point concerns Donald J. Trump and his insistence that the virus is “under control.” Trump, too, has seen many folks with whom he works closely come down with the disease. His oldest son’s girlfriend has tested positive. So has the national security adviser. Same for several Joint Chiefs of Staff staff members, along with those who work on the National Security Council staff.

Yet through it all Donald Trump traipses blithely along, suggesting even now that 167,000 American deaths and more than 5 million of us facing hospitalization are nothing to worry about.


The numbers don’t lie

As we watch Donald Trump try to short-sell the catastrophe that is killing Americans every single day, I want to remind everyone of a set of numbers that tell me one thing only.

The United States’ response to the coronavirus pandemic is pitiful.

Consider that the U.S. population of 330 million people comprises less than 5 percent of the world total. Now, consider that 4 million confirmed infections from the coronavirus in the United States comprises about 25 percent of the world infection.

Five percent vs. 25 percent.

Does that suggest we are beating the virus? No. It does nothing of the sort.

Fatalities, anyone? More than 157,000 Americans have died from the virus … that we know about! India and China, two countries with more than 1 billion residents each, report far fewer deaths from the pandemic. Hmm. How come? I’ll concede that China, in particular, is capable of hiding those numbers from the world.

More Americans are dying daily in many states in this country than are dying in entire nations.

We aren’t winning this fight. Yet Donald Trump tells us that “It is what it is” when asked to comment on the death toll. Jumpin’ ever-loving jehosaphat, Mr. President!

He has no clue what he is doing. None!

Trump: a lost cause

It is clear to me that for Donald Trump to speak candidly and frankly about the state of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic would be tantamount to admitting defeat … and admitting he was wrong to boast about the fantastic job he and his response team had delivered.

Medical experts are telling us that the pandemic is getting set to sweep into areas of the country not yet hammered by its misery. The Sun Belt has felt the virus’s wrath; so has the Pacific Coast; same for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Now it’s the Midwest’s turn to face down the coronavirus dragon, or so we are being told.

Dr. Deborah Birx, one of Trump’s pandemic task force response members – and an acknowledged expert on infectious disease – has issued dire warnings about what lies ahead for the nation. Trump’s response? He calls her “pathetic.” Good ever-loving grief, dude. Get a grip. She is the expert. You are not!

Trump’s aversion to admitting failure or to acknowledging a mistake is well-known. It’s his modus operandi. He fires off rebukes and epithets to those who surround him, those he enlists – ostensibly – to assist him in putting down crises. This is what he has done to Deborah Birx as well as to Dr. Anthony Fauci, another world-renowned infectious disease expert.

I am at the point now of giving up on Donald Trump ever being able to discuss with us the gravity of the crisis that continues to unfold. It continues to spread its tragedy. It has killed more than 155,000 Americans. It has sickened more than 4 million of us. Some of those infected happen to be friends of mine and even some members of my family. I do not feel comforted one tiny bit by anything that flies out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Nor do I ever expect to hear anything approaching an honest assessment of the battle we are waging. Why? Because Trump has wrapped himself tightly in a blanket of false delusion.

COVID compounds our sorrow

I just received a tragic bit of news from a friend who lives in Amarillo.

His wife died this past spring. She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. She also had tested positive for COVID-19. My friend told me this: The worst part of it was that I didn’t get to see her the last 4 months. Her nursing home was in total lock down.

That statement, right there, should tell us all plenty about the terrible nature of the pandemic that has killed more than 152,000 Americans. More deaths will follow. We are not experiencing, as a senior Trump administration official said, a time of “triumph” in the fight against the pandemic.

This story has created an unheard-of phenomenon in many respects. One of them involves the isolation that COVID patients must endure. They cannot have family near them as they struggle for life. No friends. No loved ones. They die separated from those who cherish them the most.

Which arcs back to another aspect of this disease. It is the special relationships that nurses, doctors and care facility staff develop with these patients. Think of this for a moment. These medical responders become “surrogate loved ones” for the people in their care.

How many stories have you heard since early this year about nurses and physicians sobbing at the death of patients who cannot feel the embrace of their spouse, their children, their parents? I have lost count. Yet every story I hear told fills me with heartache that tugs just a little harder than the previous time.

Then there are the stories of patients who are released from medical care and reunited with the people who love them. The happiness we see and hear from the medical personnel is as joyous as the sadness felt at the end of the tragic stories.

My friend’s story is not unique to the larger world. To him, though, it is unbearable, unspeakable and unimaginable. It hurts to hear this news because of the unique misery it brings to those who must endure it.

Quack now advising POTUS?

Where in the name of Hippocrates did Donald J. Trump find the quack who’s saying masks won’t help stop COVID infection and talks about “alien DNA”?

Her name is Stella Immanuel, and even though she has a medical degree, I won’t put the “Dr.” in front of her name.

According to the Daily Beast: She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens.

Joe Biden calls her a “disgrace.” He is correct.

Immanuel, who resides in Houston, has become a star on right-wing media. She also has Donald Trump’s ear.

God help us.

Is there a lesson to be learned?

The news that U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Loony Bin, has tested positive for the coronavirus ought to send a clear message to the moronic conspiracy theorists out there who joined Gohmert in dismissing the value of mask wearing.

The Texas Republican had visibly and vocally eschewed wearing a mask, calling masks overrated as a preventative measure against the pandemic. Then he tests positive. Gohmert is now isolating himself in his East Texas home.

Will this clown’s infection stem the naysayers? Will it shut them up? Hardly. These idiots keep yapping about masks being part of some sort of nefarious conspiracy concocted by someone, or some organization, perhaps the Deep State designed to rule the world … or some such moronic tripe.

Gohmert is the unofficial chairman of the Wacko Caucus within the Republican congressional delegation. His initial response, I hasten to add, is that he now will wear a mask “religiously.” He says he feels fine. That’s good. Really, it is. I don’t want him to suffer.

According to CNN.com: “I will not be around anybody for the next 10 days without making sure that I have a mask,” Gohmert said. “Because that’s the real danger. Once you have it, giving it to somebody else, and that’s when a mask if most important.”

I do want his positive test result to send a chilling message to his fellow pandemic goofballs to listen to the docs, who tell us to wear masks and to stay the hell away from everyone else.

Oh, have I mentioned that we passed the 150,000 death count in this pandemic battle? There. I just did.

This is serious stuff, folks. Just ask Louie Gohmert.

Why don’t they like you? Let me explain

Hey, Mr. President, I am sure you heard from your second- or third-grade teacher that “there’s no such thing as a dumb question.”

I think, though, that you’ve asked one. It’s the question wondering why Dr. Anthony Fauci is held in such high esteem while the rest of the country “doesn’t like” you.

I’m going to take a stab at that one for you. My answer is simple. It’s because you act like an a**hole. In fact, many of us think you are an a**hole.

Good grief. Your response to the pandemic has been pitiful to the max. Yet you blame everyone on Earth except yourself. You said once that “I, alone” can solve the nation’s problems. Then we get hit with a doozy in that pandemic. Your response was that you don’t take “any responsibility” for the failure of the administration.

You chide the nation’s governors — the Democrats, of course — for not doing enough, then you say that as president you call the shots. Medical experts say we should wear masks to protect ourselves and others from the virus but you decline to wear one; then you change your mind and wear a mask in certain locations.

You hire “the best people” and when they don’t do what you demand you fire them and toss epithets at them as they clear our their offices.

Mr. POTUS, that’s the behavior of a certifiable a**hole. Pure and simple. Full stop.

So, cease asking dumb questions.

Oh, Louie … how did the mask avoidance work out?

I am no fan of Louie Gohmert.

In fact, I am embarrassed that he is a member of the Texas congressional delegation. Gohmert, a Republican from Tyler, happens to have been an obnoxious opponent of mask-wearing in light of the coronavirus pandemic. That is just one of the things that angers me about this guy’s presence in Congress.

Well, this just came in: Gohmert, who represents the Loony Bin Wing of the GOP, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Karma is a bitch, man … you know?

Now, I do not wish him ill. I do not want him to suffer the kind of agony that has befallen hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans, about 150,000 of whom have died from the virus. However, just maybe this startling news about this outspoken critic of a known effective measure that helps stem the tide of infection will awaken this clown to the obvious need to do what the doctors keep telling us.

It is that we should wear masks; we should practice “social distancing”; we should wash our hands frequently.

Gohmert took part in a U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing this week in which he yelled and bellowed his support for Attorney General William Barr. He obviously ignored warnings about how infection spores spread more rapidly when we raise our voices. And, of course, he did all this without wearing a mask.

Get well, Louie. When you do and when you are to return to work, then shut your skeptical-sounding pie hole and follow the doctors’ orders. While you’re at it, you should advise your fellow GOP lunatics to do the same.

Shut … up, Mr. POTUS!

I cannot stand the sound of Donald J. Trump’s voice, or the sight of his face on my TV, which I know is no big flash to readers of this blog.

I especially cannot stand the sound and sight of him when he discusses things about which he knows nothing. Hmm. By my figuring, that’s just about anything under the sun.

So, when Donald Trump strides to the podium in the White House briefing room and declares that the coronavirus pandemic isn’t quite as serious as docs keep saying, or when he declares that wearing face masks is an overrated measure to fight the infection rate, I tend to want to pull my hair out by the roots.

Trump was in his usual bloviating form today when he dismissed mask-wearing and talked — yet again — about the benefits of that anti-malaria drug he keeps touting as a potential cure for the killer virus. You know, the drug that doctors and researchers say could kill you if ingest it.

My version of a perfect pandemic world would be for Donald Trump to stand down, to leave the communication solely to the doctors he enlisted ostensibly to conduct the federal government’s response to the pandemic. Then he steps all over their message, seeking to downplay the grim news they deliver, which is that we’re still not even halfway through the first round of infections.

What does it take to shut this guy up, to keep him off our TV screens, or to push him to the sidelines, leaving the real analysis of this crisis up to the experts who have all those MDs behind their name?

Oh, wait! I know! We have an election coming up in November! That’ll do it! Right?