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What’s up with the fast-food tributes at the White House?

Hey, what’s going on at the White House?

When the Clemson University Tigers came to “our house” to meet with the president, he served the nation’s top collegiate football team fast-food offerings. Why? Because the government was partially shut down and Donald Trump said he lacked the staff to prepare a sumptuous meal for the NCAA gridiron champs.

The president paid for the spread laid out for the Clemson Tigers.

OK, now we have the North Dakota State Bison — winners of Division I FCS football title — coming to the White House. What does the president do for them? He feeds ’em Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s.

The rationale this time, he says, is to promote U.S. businesses.

The government is up and running. The White House kitchen is fully staffed. However, Donald Trump wants to accentuate his effort to “put America first” by serving fast food.

Very . . . strange.