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Mexico president shelves visit to DC … who knew?

I am shaking my head, laughing out loud and slapping my hand against my forehead. All at once, man!

Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has called off a planned visit to Washington to meet with Donald John “Build That Wall” Trump Sr. Why do you suppose the Mexican head of state would do that?

Well, he and the president of the United States can’t seem to agree on POTUS’s ridiculous assertion that Mexico should pay for the cost of a wall along the border that separates the two long-standing allies.

Can you simply believe that? Of course, I am joking.

Trump has vowed to “put America first.” He has pledged to “make America great again.” He has said Mexico — a nation that is as sovereign as the United States — should foot the bill for a wall.

Pena Nieto, to no one’s surprise, has said, in effect, “Ain’t no way, Mr. President.”

So this is how our president intends to foster good relations with one of our most important international allies? By hectoring Mexico’s president to pay for a wall. What utter and absolute crap!

As the Texas Tribune has reported: The two presidents’ public posturing over the wall — Trump demands that Mexico pay for it; Peña Nieto insists that it will not — has harmed their personal relationship and jeopardized the alliance between their neighboring countries.

I am not terribly concerned about the presidents’ personal relationship. What is most concerning, though, is what their continued bickering will do to an alliance that has been among the strongest in the world.

From what I’ve observed it’s Donald Trump who keeps poisoning that bilateral relationship by insisting that Mexico do something that the United States cannot force it to do.

This is putting America first? This is how you “make America great again”?

I don’t think so.