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Officially spooked by this latest crash

It takes quite a lot to spook me about air travel. I don’t usually get the heebie-jeebies when incidents occur aboard aircraft.

However, I am officially spooked by the crash of that Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia.

Furthermore, I am glad that the president of the United States ordered the planes out of the sky. Donald Trump has been criticized for being a bit late issuing the order in the wake of the crash that killed 157 people, including eight Americans. I won’t join that criticism. He acted and I support the grounding of the aircraft.

What’s so terribly troubling is the nature of the crash and the reports that the plane somehow — all by itself — pitched nose-first into the ground. The pilot was not at fault. Indeed, I understand that Ethiopian Airlines is a first-rate air carrier.

I am grateful that I won’t be traveling by air anytime soon. I also am glad to avoid having to order myself and my family off one of those MAX 8 jetliners were the need to arise.

Yes, it is troubling that the aircraft built by a proud American company now has been deemed suspect in the cause of this tragedy. National pride, though, doesn’t matter when the overarching issue is the safety of human beings.

In fact, I am so spooked that I might never book a flight aboard one of those MAX aircraft — even if the smart folks fix what ails it.

How did Lubitz get a commercial license?

I’ve posed the question already, but a report today prompts me to ask it again … in stronger terms.

How on God’s Earth did Andreas Lubitz ever obtain a commercial pilot’s license and what in the name of all that is holy was he doing on the Germanwings plane that he crashed into the French Alps?


Lubitz, the co-pilot who locked the captain out of the flight deck before crashing the plane and killing all 150 passengers and crew members, had reportedly researched cockpit security and suicide before committing this horrifying airborne atrocity.

The world already has learned that he had been diagnosed with “suicidal tendencies” some years ago. Then someone cleared him to fly apparently after determining he no longer exhibited those tendencies.

How does a medical pro make such a determination?

They’ve located the second black box in the wreckage of the aircraft. More details will come forth about the horrifying final moments of the flight.

Meanwhile, the families and other loved ones of those who died will continue to live in intense anguish as the world keeps asking questions about how Andreas Lubitz was allowed at the controls of a commercial jetliner.