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‘We can’t control the virus’


Mark Meadows doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He told CNN this weekend that “We can’t control” the pandemic that has killed 220,000 Americans and sickened millions more of us.

Really, Mr. White House Chief of Staff? We can’t control a virus that has been controlled quite effectively in nations all across the globe. Has he looked at what they have done in, say, Taiwan? Or Greece? Or Costa Rica? Those countries took the virus by the throat at the outset and have reported a fraction of the misery that has occurred in much of the rest of the world, including the United States.

Think of the idiocy that flew out of Meadows’s pie hole. We live in the nation with the world’s greatest researchers, the greatest medical technology, the most wherewithal to devote to fighting this disease. The White House chief of staff says we can’t control the virus?

What then does this say about the feel-good message that Donald J. Trump keeps offering. Doesn’t he say categorically that the pandemic is “under control”? Yep. He does. Oh, wait! The nation’s top politician doesn’t know what he’s talking about, either.

So here we are. We have an ignorant president saying we have a disease under control when we do not; we also have a White House chief of staff say we cannot gain control over a disease … when we damn well certainly could do so.

May we please banish this ignorance from the White House at the end of Election Day?

Pandemic surrender?


Did I hear this correctly?

Did the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, actually tell CNN’s Jake Tapper that the White House cannot “control” the pandemic that Donald Trump keeps saying is “under control”?

I’ll be dipped …

There can be zero doubt as to why Joe Biden is making the pandemic response — or non-response — from the White House his signature campaign topic as he seeks to defeat Donald Trump in eight days.

Biden is telling the nation that Trump has “quit” on Americans, that he is lying about having the pandemic under control. Trump keeps lying. Now we have the White House chief of staff, who should be Trump’s key adviser, essentially endorsing Biden’s allegation of Trump’s decision to quit, to surrender in the fight against the pandemic.

Simply astonishing.

Meanwhile, Americans continue to get sick, continue to die. Their families continue to worry about their loved ones’ fate and continue to mourn their deaths.

We hear now that the White House is saying it cannot do what Donald Trump has said it has done already.

Mixed message? Yeah! Do you think?

Trump speaks stupidly


Forrest Gump had it right when he said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

With that want to I delve into Donald J. Trump’s latest volley of stupid statements, this time involving one of the world’s premier epidemiologists, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

You see, we have the Liar in Chief calling Fauci’s work on the coronavirus pandemic a “disaster.” What’s more, he threw in an epithet hardly befitting anyone, let alone a president of the United States. He referred to Fauci as an “idiot.”

I am left with three thoughts.

One of them is how in the name of presidential statesmanship can Donald Trump refer to his handpicked science adviser on the pandemic as being a “disaster” to the White House pandemic response team. Trump selected this individual to serve on that team, tasking him with providing cold, hard scientific data. Trump promised to listen to the experts on the team. He lied about that, too!

The second thought is the use of the “idiot” term to refer to Fauci, an Ivy League-educated scientist and medical doctor who has served every president of both parties dating back to Ronald Wilson Reagan. He has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS research, has led efforts to fight previous epidemics.

Dr. Fauci is as brilliant a doctor/scientist on matters of infection disease as anyone on Earth.

Yet he now is being scorned and vilified by a politician who cannot find his backside with both hands when it comes to discussing intelligently the complicated matters of science and epidemiology.

Finally, how in the world does Dr. Fauci continue to work for this moron? Fauci would be able to provide unfettered scientific advice and counsel to the nation without having to answer to Donald J. Trump, whose abject stupidity continues to marvel me.

Is he infecting his throngs deliberately?


This thought comes from a member of my family and I want to share it here.

Since the early 1980s, when the world first got acquainted with a killer virus known as HIV/AIDS, we have seen an interesting and regrettable trend develop.

Over the span of many years, individuals have been arrested and convicted of crimes relating to the deliberate infecting of other people with HIV/AIDS. Today it’s now known as “HIV non-disclosure,” meaning that someone passes the virus on to others without telling them they are infected.

Some HIV/AIDS-infected men have raped or drugged women while having unprotected sex with them. They have gotten caught, tried and sent to the slammer. History is replete with instances of this kind of prosecution.

My family members wonders — and I happen to concur with this view — why those who are infected with COVID-19 can get away with exposing others to a virus that is every bit as fatal as HIV/AIDS once was thought to be.

Listen to me, Donald J. Trump. I’m talking about you. I also am talking to the minion/morons who support your cockamamie notion that it’s OK to mingle with others without exercising proper “social distancing” and without wearing protective masks.

Trump is back to staging rallies. He has been infected with the coronavirus, along with literally dozens of key aides and staffers. They traipse around with masks, without observing the distance guidelines offered by health experts.

Isn’t there some criminal liability here in the fashion that has been ascribed to HIV/AIDS patients who infect others?

If not, then there damn well should be!

Trump 24, Biden 0


I cannot get past a sobering statistic.

Donald Trump’s senior team of policy advisers and campaign operatives is dropping like flies to the COVID-19 virus.

To date, 24 of them have tested positive for the killer bug. They include none other than Donald Trump his own self.

How come? Because Trump doesn’t listen to the advice he gets from the experts with whom he has surrounded himself. He doesn’t like masks; he won’t maintain social distance; his policy gurus follow the Old Man’s lead.

Over on Biden’s side, the infection count among senior Biden policy aides and campaign staffers is, um … zero!

No one has been publicly identified as testing positive for the virus. Hmm. Why is that? Oh, wait! It’s because Joe Biden does follow the advice of medical experts. He wears a mask. He practices social distancing. He forgoes big campaign rallies with thousands of cheering Bidenistas.

Trump 24, Biden 0.

Quite the scene, Mr. POTUS


Well now, that was quite the entrance that Donald J. Trump made last night as he strolled off Marine One and walked into the White House.

He had just been discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center where he had been treated for the COVID-19 virus. He walked into “my house,” came back to the flag-draped balcony and then — against the advice of the docs who treated him for the potentially killer virus — removed his mask and walked back into the White House to mingle with employees and assorted presidential supporters.

Words escape me at this moment.

We witnessed an astonishing display of arrogance from the man who then told us to “not let the virus dominate you.” What the f***?

A nation that has said farewell to more than 210,000 of its residents is now advised to avoid letting the virus get us down? The president needs to have his elaborately coiffed skull examined.

He wants to get back on the campaign trail. He wants to tangle with Democratic nominee Joe Biden in a race he is losing bigly. 

Trump said he gets it, He said he understands how the coronavirus must be treated. Really? Then someone needs to explain why he went through that disgraceful exhibition on the White House balcony.

I will be candid: He doesn’t get sh** about this virus and the danger it poses to Americans or about the grief it has brought to hundreds of thousands of families and friends of its victims.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to observe all the advice handed out by the medical experts. And is it not lost on anyone that Biden’s team of advisers and policy aides has reported zero cases of COVID-19 infection — to date — while Trump’s team is dropping like flies?

I am astounded beyond measure that the president of the United States would care so little about those around him — not to mention the security of our nation — that he would flout the advice given him to stay safe against a disease that could kill him … along with those around him.

Way to ‘lead,’ Mr. POTUS


Wait just a doggone, cotton-pickin’ minute.

Donald Trump is hospitalized with a highly infectious, potentially fatal virus — which has kept millions of Americans away from their loved ones as they struggle though isolation — and he does … what?

He piles into an airtight armored vehicle with Secret Service agents and takes a joyride around the hospital to wave at supporters. Then he goes back to his room at Walter Reed Medical Center as if to say “No harm, no foul.”

What the f***?

This happened today. Trump is supposed to be in isolation. He is supposed to be kept away from other human beings. Trump is supposed to be recovering quietly in his hospital room from a virus that could kill him.

But … no-o-o-o! This guy has to put on a show for his supporters. To what end? That he’s tougher than your average COVID-19 patient?

How do you suppose that is going to play with the loved ones of COVID-19 patients who have died from the disease? How might those who had to stay away while Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, husband, wife, brother and sister, children all passed without being near those who love them the most respond to Donald Trump’s show?

This display accomplished not a single constructive thing. Indeed, Donald Trump well might have exposed Secret Service agents riding with him in that hermetically sealed vehicle to the coronavirus that is supposed to keep Trump in isolation.

This is not how you “lead by example.” It is the antithesis of it. Donald Trump said he would now take the coronavirus more seriously than he has until now. Really? This is how he shows it?

Absolutely disgraceful!

Tell the truth, already!

(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)


The dissembling, prevarication, obfuscation and outright lying just doesn’t stop within the White House even when it involves the health of the president of the United States.

Donald Trump’s recovery from the COVID-19 virus is being turned into a carnival of half-truths and outright fiction. Holy crap, man! We’re dealing here with the head of state, our commander in chief, the guy with the nuclear launch codes.

It’s bad enough that all of that happens to reside in the body of Donald John Trump. Now, though, we are faced with not knowing whether the president is truly on the road back to recovery or whether he could take a turn for the worse.

This back/forth about whether Trump received oxygen upon being admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center is a case in point. I get that hooking a 74-year-old male hospital patient up to an oxygen tank is a fairly normal procedure. Why not just say so? Why dance around the issue as if reporters are asking the docs to give us a live-or-die prognosis?

I probably shouldn’t be surprised at any of this. Donald Trump long ago assumed the title of Liar in Chief, even though he is a terrible liar. The lack of truth-telling has filtered through the ranks, even through the medical staff that should be immune (no pun intended) from such an affliction.

I want the president and first lady to recover from this illness. In the meantime, I also want to know the full truth in real time about what is happening to the leader of our country.

Tell us the truth!

Chaos reigns in COVID response


If there is an issue that demands continuity in a government response it must include the health and well-being of our head of state and commander in chief.

Are we getting now from the White House as Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, battle the coronavirus? Hardly.

We are getting more of the chaotic mixed messaging that has afflicted the White House since, oh, when Trump became president.

Donald Trump is a patient at Walter Reed Medical Center. The doctors tell us that Trump’s condition is progressing; then we hear from others close to the situation that Trump’s vital signs are “worrisome” and that the next 48 hours will be critical.

Which is it?

Americans cannot get a clear reading of whether the doctors administered oxygen to Trump. White House doctors tell us that he doesn’t have oxygen “right now,” or “today.” No mention of whether he ever has received it.

We don’t know when Trump might have tested positive for the virus and whether he continued his activities for another full day after getting the diagnosis.

So many questions. The White House seems unable or unwilling to deliver a clear, unambiguous message. What’s at stake? The health of the president. Not only that, we have our national security apparatus in potential jeopardy when the public does not have a clear understanding of the president’s health.

Donald Trump, lest we forget, happens to be part of a major at-risk group: elderly, overweight males are among those most vulnerable to serious symptoms if they test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, we need a crystal clear message that tells us the whole truth about the physical condition of president.

Stop the chaos!

Here’s your COVID outbreak


Having wished Donald and Melania Trump a speedy recovery from the coronavirus, I now wish to slap the sh** out of The Donald for what he has produced.

He has delivered us an actual “outbreak” of infections caused by his refusal to wear a mask with others around him or to demand that everyone in his presence exercise social distancing in the wake of the pandemic that continues to kill too many Americans every single day.

Several people who were hobnobbing with Trump prior to his diagnosis now have tested positive for the virus. Let’s see:

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, U.S. Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, former White House senior policy adviser Kellyanne Conway, White House aide Hope Hicks, at least three White House beat reporters, and perhaps a host of others all have the disease. Have I missed anyone?

Yep, I would call that an “outbreak.”

Donald Trump insisted on staging those rallies. Crowds showed up sans masks. They were crowded together. They were cheering, laughing, carrying on as if they didn’t have a care in the world … all the while transmitting COVID germs among themselves.

There was the POTUS, taking it all in.

He didn’t give a rip about the safety of those who adore his presence as president of the United States.

Now he is paying the price. So are those who were careless and thoughtless enough to forgo the safety procedures preached to them by the doctors and assorted scientific experts.

Whatever happened to leading by example? Donald Trump is leading by setting the wrong example at every possible turn.

I still wish everyone a speedy recovery. I also still wish them all to be tossed out of public office as soon as is humanly possible.